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  1. FrobeniusDF

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    Im just playing with a friend on PS4. He is the host and started playing yesterday. Crashing everytime he enters a rover. Lag on connection always... the PC takes It all... PS4 takes problems...
  2. FrobeniusDF

    EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery Broken

    Im already in March. Just got PS4 platinum and the golden Palette "Overachiever" is still locked.
  3. FrobeniusDF

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    Just to mention, I've got the Trophy "EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery" and the golden Palette "Overachiever" didn't unlock.
  4. FrobeniusDF

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    Thanks for your attention here and on email. After a lot of crashes I've just finished Astroneer on PS4 (got platinum too) .What a great game. But I can tell you that I must have faced more than 100 crashes. Please, don't forget consoles.
  5. FrobeniusDF

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    I know that System Era is a small developer. But there are things that are priority to players, specially console players: Stability and Performance. If a company releases a game for a console, say, PS4, at least, someone on the company must play the game in such a way that pushes It to the limit, like us. In the other side, Sony (or Microsoft) must receive the billions of crash reports and make things happen, making contact with System Era and demand actions. But, unfortunatedly, this is not happening. I'm from Brazil, I've called Sony, complained about my and other players crashes and they said that just can't do anything. So, what is the point of sending crashes report?? I assume that with XBox, the same thing is happening.PS4 players can't even play together with others without a frame rate drop. I'm playing on PS4, unlocked all Gateway Chambers and Engines, less on Atrox. My save has 34 Mb. What I've discovered so far is that If I save on Field Shelter (Silicon + Graphene), my crash rate decreases a lot. Worked for me. Now I have a Field Shelter on each planet/moon. The way that the game is now, I avoid saving on rovers or ship. I suppose the problem must have to do with vehicles and not so connected to the size of the saves. Who knows?? System Era?? I don't think so. I think I know more than System Era guys... Since the release of No Man's Sky on PS4, I've never seen such a glitched game and with so lack of support as Astroneer. Now, NMS has a good support on PS4 and is far from getting to an end. What about Astronner? For me, is a game made for PC. Support, updates, testing, improvements, dedicated servers, patches, all stay with PC. Console players take nothing. So, why they released Astroneer for PS4??What I'm doing? Every single Twitter/Facebook/Instagram post, I'm there to send a picture of my crashes or pictures related to the crashes, using hashtags related to System Era and Astroneer. If my companions on this forum could do the same, I think It could make more impact.
  6. FrobeniusDF

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    I'm a PS4 player, unfortunately. And I'm sorry to say that nothing changed. The game is still lagging and crashing everytime I enter rover...
  7. FrobeniusDF

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    I received an email from System Era, regarding the crashes. By the end of this month (probably, they are making their best) they'll launch and update focused on optimization and crashes. I hope our crashes will be vanished soon.
  8. I'd like to say, before anything, that I'm loving Astroneer. I'm playing on PS4 Pro, updated to the newest system version (7.01) and have just updated Astroneer. Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed that I can't progress with the history of the game and all solve Its mysteries. I already have more than 40h of gameplay, exploring the caves, the surface and activating every sigle Gateway Chambers. Beside, I feel bad about not being able to attend the Holiday Update event to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. So, I'm stuck in Vesania. Whenever I activate Vesania's Core Gateway Engine upon returning to the surface, the game always crashes while entering the rover or the ship. Without activating Vesania's Gateway Engine, between 10 times I get inside vehicles, 1 or 2 times (in 10) the game crashes and I lose everything after the previous save. So, I find myself in a complicated situation: i) With about 40 hours of play, I start another game and run the risk that everything might happen again? In this case, I'll lose all the rare Zebra/Checker Balls I have encountered along the way and all my hard earned progress???; ii) Forget now Vesania's Gateway Engine and return to Glacio where are the toys? In the meantime, I hope you can look into the problems, errors, crashes, bugs and glitches that plague Astroneer on PS4. There are some of them. I won't extend much here, but for example, the save I have on PS4 Pro I can't export it to PS4 Slim at all. The save doesn't even open and the game crashes on Slim trying to load it. Other erros I will send in the future.
  9. FrobeniusDF

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    I just don't think about numbers. The game catched me and makes no diference if I get my money or time back. I'll be frustrated with the money on my pocket knowing that I can't play Astroneer no more. Thats why I'm here posting messagens on this forum.
  10. FrobeniusDF

    Small Solar Head Detached From Body

    Here on PS4 happens the same. It looks like the small solar panel loses Its head in the sun. Very weird.
  11. FrobeniusDF

    Game save crash

    Almost the same here.... PS4. Im on Vesania I just cant save anymore after The Gate Way Engine unlocked at the core. Ive tried rebuild the base data, update the system but the error remains.
  12. FrobeniusDF

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    On PS4, how can we inform a crash? I've tried Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the built-in PS4 crash report...
  13. FrobeniusDF

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    I still cant enter the rover anymore. The game freezes and crashes. PS4 and Slim. Please fix It so I can play the game.
  14. FrobeniusDF

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    With all these backpack enhancements that I suggested above, the player would have complete freedom for exploration. But doesn't that happen when we are in vehicles with 1 RTG? The vehicle has infinite oxygen and power source. And it's wonderful to explore Astroneer's planets. But, depending on the planet terrain, vehicle exploration is a difficult task. Of course I don't want a God Mode for Astroneer. But, think about it, exploring an entire planet based on Tethers is tricky. Anyway, I just made a few suggestions for backpack improvement. Today I use almost all slots for tool placement only, there is almost no space left for material placement: 1 slot for Small Wind Turbine 1 slot for Hydrazin Jat Pack 1 slot for Work Light 1 Batery 1 slot for Portable Oxygenator 1 slot for Adicional Hydrazin Canister to replace the one in use 1 slot for Portabe generator 2 slots for Canisters 2 empty slots (sometimes with organic) 3 Terrain Tool slots occupied with augments For me, the big problem is slot and freedom. I don't even ask for increasing the slots. But If the backpack is evolved so that many tools are buit-in inside the backpack, not occuping slots, It would help us a lot.
  15. Backpack with sevaral levels of improvements. Maybe improvements that can be unlocked in quests, one quest for each planet.Below I mention the Glowsticks. I'm pretty sure that on PS4 there is no way similiar to tethers that we can put manually glowsticks in the ground. There should be a button to put them in the ground.Here goes:Backpack Level 1a) Has a built-in work light- Same behavior as the usual work light- Can be activated or deactivated- There must be any source of energy to work- Located in the middle, in a column next to the battery column, wich is very "fat"b) Property of automatic self-assembly Glowsticks- Automatic placement at the standard maximum tethers distance- This property may be activated or deactivated by the player- Manual placement of glowsticks available (PS4)- The sticks must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slotBackpack Level 2a) Equipped with Level 1 enhancementsb) Equipped with a built-in mini solar panel, at the upper right of the backpack- It does not affect the upper right slot, which can still be used to put hydrazin jet pack or anything elsec) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 10%Backpack Level 3a) Equipped with Level 2 enhancementsb) Equipped with a small wind turbine attached to the upper left side- Does not affect the upper left slotc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 20%Backpack Level 4a) Equipped with Level 3 enhancementsb) Property of automatic self-assembly tethers- The property can be enabled or disabled by the player- The tethers must be produced in the same way as before, occupying the normal backpack slot(s)- Manual placement still works (PS4 is Dpad down)- There should be a button (I dont know where in the back pack) or switch with three colors/stages: i) blue - automatic tethers placement enabled; ii) green - automatic glowsticks placement enabled; iii) dark/deactivated: no automatic placement enabledc) Backpack battery storage capacity increased by 30%Backpack Level 5a) Equipped with Level 4 enhancements;b) Equipped with built-in oxygenator- Replaces the "old" oxygen reservoir place in the backpack- Oxygenator capacity and energy consumption the same as the portable oxygenator- Can be activated and deactivated by the player. If deactivated, It becomes a simple reservoirLevel 6 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 5 enhancementsb) Backpack equipped with improved compass, which would be always displayed on screen, on foot or inside the vehicle- The compass display should be turned on or off in some kind of switchLevel 7 Backpacka) Equipped with Level 6 enhancements (except letter c below); b) Equipped with mini built-in RTG- Replaces the battery icon- Energy with enough amperage to support the portable oxygenator and the working light, or a little bit more- Of course, the player can deactivate It, If he wishes, so that the RTG becomes a standard batteryc) The built-in mini solar panel (Level 2) and small wind turbine (Level 3) would be obsolete. May be removed