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  1. Fixed it. Someone posted on reddit about an app that updates all drivers. I got that but it didn't fix it. The PRO version is needed to update Microsoft Visuals C++ Redistributable. I did that manually both x64 and x86 versions. What do you know it sorted it. I'm not tech savvy enough to know why. Just google "microsoft visual c++ redistributable package (x64)" and it's the first result. @al3xth3reap3r
  2. Spoke to someone on the Discord any he said he contact Microsoft support and they said they couldn't do anything and to contact the developers. There was a 2gb update on the Xbox PC app last night but that didn't fix anything.
  3. I've recently got the game pass and have been playing astroneer since before the latest update. I updated the game today and now it will not launch. I have reinstalled the game twice and the Xbox App. Other games load fine. I get the initial loading window pop up for a split second and then it disappears and nothing happens.
  4. There seems to be an issue currently that every PS4 player is suffering, that when multiple players are in the same game it slows down terribly. It gets worse with more players and seems to affect regular PS4 players worse than PS4 pro players. For example last night I was host with my friend on his PS4 pro. I was getting some pretty bad slow down now and again, but when my other friend joined it was so slow to be barely playable. I recorded a short video to show exactly how slow. This basically makes any action take 3x-5x longer. I can't imagine what it would be like with 4 players in the sam
  5. I've had this issue twice, first my friend was host on his PS4 pro, we'd done quite a bit, had a vehicle and 3 small shuttles in different planets. He got the corrupted save and when we left the game his save disappeared. We played again last night with me as host on my regular 500gb PS4, again got quite far with vehicles and shuttles. I got the corrupted save on the second planet. However, at one point we both died at the same time, after that it would let me save and I was able to duplicate my save on the main menu. Now I'm not sure if dying sorted the issue out or if you just need