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  1. Kenneth Chase

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Oh, you're totally right. No one and I mean absolutely no one would misconstrue your use of sarcasm in the context of defending the developers decision to make Shelters permanent. No one at all. The presence of sarcasm in your statement is totally on point and everyone would understand it immediately from reading it.
  2. Kenneth Chase

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    As well, the RTG produces 4 Units/s of unlimited power aka the equivalent of 4 Shelters so as soon as you have the ability to make one you'd look back at your multi-Shelter base construction and think: "Man, that was a dumb idea."
  3. Kenneth Chase

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    "Destroys any modules, platforms, trees, and other game objects the dynamite attaches to, with the exception of the Shelter and the drop site. " - That's why I posted this in the section requesting certain additions/changes to the game. You're seriously suggesting it's a good thing to have all those giant clunky Shelters right next to each other? Are you a troll or something? It only produces 1 Unit/s per Shelter. Compared to even a Small Wind Turbine which produces 0.5 Units/s. You'd be better off using a combination of Small Solar Panels, Small Wind Turbines and Batteries instead of multiple Shelters. So you're insane or you must a troll to suggest that's a good thing.
  4. I accidentally placed a second one and now I can't get rid of it. Can't pack it up or destroy it. Please make this QoL a thing, don't really care if I have to destroy it to get rid of it and get no resources back.
  5. Kenneth Chase

    Issue: Getting stuck

    You can get stuck in the large purple teleporter things center if you stand on it then plug something into it to make the center rise up. Thankfully I managed to suffocate myself, otherwise I would have been stuck there forever.
  6. Kenneth Chase

    Stranded on Astrox

    So I haven't gotten much progress on Atrox as of yet, because all I've done so far is go there to harvest the Atmosphere but if you really can't dig past the base ground then I have three questions for you. Why are you on the Hardest difficulty planet without a plan, why're you using a Solid-Fuel Thruster and why don't you have a digging mod? Aside from that, I would assume there has to be a naturally formed cave entrance somewhere. Find it and find some Laterite then get off the planet until you have a plan and a backup plan..
  7. Kenneth Chase

    Atmospheric Condeser

    I think that happens with everything, it's like once it starts it finishes. At least that's what happened when I used the Soil Centrifuge because I made the wrong thing, but couldn't stop it. PC by the way.