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  1. Yes I've definitely seen duplicated rover wreckage and similar on Glacio along with the duplicated gateways. So far only seen the gateways duplicated on Glacio. I'm not remembering if I've seen duplicated wreckage anywhere else. The gateway duplicates are actually on their own separate network. So one set of 6 gateways will link to each other, and the duplicated set of 6 gateways will link to each other... but gateways from one set will not link to the ones from the other set. I have still not gone to check if the core is duplicated. Visually it doesn't appear to be, but if i
  2. Yes I agree with that. Complete first person is the way to get around all of these problems. Also, if you can continuously zoom the camera all the way in to become first person mode, then you can choose to have the camera far, close, or in first person, covering all options. And would be seamless. First person would also create a fun alternate experience for driving vehicles. Because of how the gameplay is built, I feel players would on average default to using 3rd person most of the time, and use first person some of the time. I feel this would provide all good possibilities a
  3. Pet Goldfish and I seem to have posted the same bug at almost the same time lol.
  4. Yes I was thinking of this also. If I have enough time to play and discover that i'll be sure to report my finding. I noticed that Pet Goldfish's duplicates were also on Glacio.
  5. Thank you @Flyingcrowbar, glad to be here Yes I agree, it would be helpful there as well. Usually I need to dig out the ground around the crashed craft so I can look strait through it. From playing World of Warcraft many years ago, I feel I remember it having similar controls in terms of camera and movement. I don't remember a first person mode, but you could pull the camera up really close to the character.
  6. Since the creative mode patch Astroneer started crashing for me in the same way. When loading my saved game, the animation freezes somewhere between 1/4th and 1/3rd way through loading. When it first started happening it would freeze for a time then move past it. But within a few days it started crashing to the desktop after freezing, or simply remaining frozen until I force quit. I fallowed what generalrookie said and deleted the three "loading loop" mp4 files at the location described. It then allowed me to load the game. Thank you for the information. Maybe some problem with
  7. I feel anything the player creates could easily be scrapable. The cartoon style of the game makes for less visual restrictions. For example the difference between the size of packages and what comes out of them is amusing and fun. So I see no reason that something needs to look as though it physically fits in the extra large shredder in order to scrap it. Smaller shredders should have a limit only so the progression of their tech tier retains meaning. Shredding a rocket would be particularly amusing if it became flipped to go in nose first and slightly tilted The only things I f
  8. I hope this is received well. I fallowed the moderator recommendations and did a search for existing threads on this. Found only one older thread which I added to. I am respectfully seeking to minimize clutter. I have read some discussions on steam about adding first person view. I did not hear this perspective much so I wanted to give voice to it. First person camera view is most important for situations where the space is too tight for the third person camera. This is most obvious when taking a vehicle with modules through a tunnel dug by a drill on the front. The l
  9. First person camera view is most important for situations where the space is too tight for the third person camera. This is most obvious when taking a vehicle with modules through a tunnel dug by a drill on the front. The low ceiling quickly pushes the camera into or behind the modules on the vehicle, creating zero visibility. There is no work around for this. I can see the game is designed around third person, and the result is excellent in most cases. So I agree with many expressed views I've read, which is that first person view would not suit the gameplay very well. Howeve
  10. I have seen these terrain artifacts as well. For me I have only seen it appear where I had removed terrain prior to the creative mode patch. I however have not seen the artifacts return at all after I remove them.
  11. Another Update: I visited the core of Glacio and it does not appear to be duplicated... unless a copy is existing in exactly the same space as the original.
  12. Update: After visiting and revisiting more beacons, they all seem to be duplicated on Glacio. I didn't notice at first because most were only slightly displaced from their copy. Also, they appear to be on a separate teleport networks. Because I activated two of them at separate locations, and they won't link to each other... I'm guessing I must have activated an original at one location and a copy at the other.
  13. Hello System Era. First I want to say I really love Astroneer and have clocked a lot of hours so far. Thank you so much for your wonderful creative work! I'm playing just a few days after the creative mode patch was installed. Just started to activate the alien beacons (teleporters) that exist around each planet. Activated the ones on Sylva and Vesania with no issues. Now on Glacio I've run into duplicates of the alien beacons. I believe i've encountered two so far. First one was subtle because it was almost overlapping. Second one was really obvious. Posting screenshot here. No