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    Same issue, I'm hosting on a PS4 Pro and my friend is joining from a normal PS4. I think it may have to do with the corrupted save bug, and his game was entirely slowed down from his own movement to the audio playing slowly, even after he quit to the main menu
  2. MiddleNate

    Corrupt save game on Playstation 4

    I tried. I really did. And I did enjoy the 10 hours I've gotten out of this game. However I won't be playing again until there is a patch. I think it has to do with rover seats and multiplayer, because that's when it started happening for me. The first one says "Corrupted Save" and the next ones say "New Saved Data" with the error code for not enough file space. Weirder, at a certain point it started working normally again. Alas, within a few saves (after my friend had left the game due to extreme lag covered in another post) I got the first "Corrupted Save" again. 10 hours gone. SES, I love your game. However I can't enjoy it without being able to save my progress.
  3. MiddleNate

    Atmospheric Condeser

    I don't know if this is ps4-specific, but when using the atmospheric condenser I am unable to click the X to stop it making a gas. the only way it actually stops is with the packager or by letting all the storage slots on the platform fill up