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  1. fredhoon - PC (Steam) - Terrain glitch at base

    Confirmed that the re-grown resources are mineable, yielded 2x lithium.
  2. fredhoon - PC (Steam) - Terrain glitch at base

    To add to this, I have a screen cap of what I believe to be the terrain glitch returning after a save/quit. Yesterday the natural terrain was dug up for dirt and lithium, today after loading the lithium has returned where the terrain used to be.
  3. fredhoon

    Calidor Gateway Glitch-Steam-Windows7

    I noticed similar gateway issues when mine were duplicated, i.e. the recently activated gateways were on a separate "network" to the original unlocked gateways. I re-visited those gateways and unlocked the 2nd gateway which allowed me to access the network of the original gateway network. Unlike other reports, my gateways were duplicated in the exact same position. Have a look to see i you have power ports still available on unlocked gateways.
  4. fredhoon - PC (Steam) - Double Gateway

    Description: Same bug - duplicate gateways after most recent update, however mine are not offset as per the screenshots above, they are exactly on top of each other. New locked gateways have spawned over the top of existing locked gateways which shows both the unlocked orb and locked power platforms. I have also noticed duplicate debris, however this was present prior to the update. Platform: Steam (PC) Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 x64 | sp1 CPU: Intel i7 6700K GPU: Geforce GTX 1080 RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Crucial MX500 1TB
  5. fredhoon - PC (Steam) - Terrain glitch at base

    I have noticed this bug also when tunnelling. The freshly "grown" terrain returns after every death or save/quit & reload. I've had to clear it out several times off my tunnels / ramps after dying and heading back down to collect vehicles and trailers, then resume where I left off. This terrain bug was not an issue prior to the most recent update. In the screenshot below the smooth ramp previously extended up to the cavern above (I drove down it). I saved & quit, reloaded a bit later and started to drive back up the ramp and am now blocked by "regrowth".