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  1. YWHY

    New way of transporting items

    My bad, I was searching any posts under "conveyor belt" in case someone already suggested that.
  2. YWHY

    New way of transporting items

    That would be too op, unless there could be a new type of tethers for item transport as well. They should be at least expensive to make so you can't make them too quickly.
  3. There could be some kind of an altar where you can place the Zebra ball and it would be just for decoration. It would emit lights and various sounds while placed until it gets removed. The altar of course would be logically placed in a built temple, tomb, church, cathedral etc. Perhaps make the sfx/vfx sound/look very powerful to enhance the power of Zebra. P.S.: May our lord and saviour Zebra ball not punish me for cutting its picture so poorly.
  4. If you are on a big adventure collecting either soil, scraps or resources it can be difficult to return all those items into your base, especially if you have multiple rooms, each dedicated to a certain machine or storage area. Now it would be great if there would be a conveyor belt or a pipe waiting for you at the entrance which would automatically transport resources to a certain room. Of course there could also be some kind of a filter which would determine what item can go through it and in certain direction and drop the item into the platform or storage. The item would be considered as an end item, so it would perhaps cost rubber and a very valuable metal. Also the transportation would cost some power so it's not too op. It would be created/placed just like the extenders ( a number of that item as one). There should also be some kind of junction, thats where the filters would become useful. I hope this sketch can show you the idea as much as possible.