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  1. @TCrunaway Awesome! Thanks for pointing me to that. This is why I love them On the ball. I guess I was just throwing my thoughts into the mix for the future
  2. Well it seems like some people have an extremely intense need to express their opinion on this. I think the devs should look into this. I agree that people should have multiple ways to play and if being a trader is your fancy then by all means we should try to accommodate you! So in the spirit of that sentiment I would say I don't think trade is very fun or competitive trading when all you do trade wise is "Send resources to the man in the sky and get unlimited back." In my opinion, trade is fun when you have to actually manage resources and trade to others to make a profit. You need supply and demand. Without that I don't see a point in trading. I would suggest we keep trade as a part of the game for people who enjoy that but it needs to be naturally driven trade not just "Here is the base value and spreadsheet for what resources get you what." That assumes everything is unlimited and, in my opinion isn't really that engaging, it's like grinding tokens in WoW. Real trade doesn't work that way and I would site a successful trade system like EVE as a model to strive for if trade is your game.
  3. WE'VE TRAVERSED THE ENTIRE PLANET! NOW LET'S SEND A MONKEY TO SPACE! SCIENCE! Looks like you had a great time! I'm hoping to get to do my own travel this Holiday. Been working a lot and once I do I will post my adventures. I love that people are making caravans and traversing their entire planets like old timey explorers. #ThingsIwishIcoulddoIRL
  4. Zander

    Weird white/black colored ball?

    pretty sure this is confirmed Easter egg. Just for the funsies.
  5. Zander

    My thoughts about the game :)

    Tl;DR : Game runs like potato but still one of the best experiences out there. 10/9 SOME GET THIS MAN A NEW GPU!!! <3
  6. Zander

    Storm of the Century

  7. Zander

    Storm of the Century

    Day 55: Sandstorm still rages. Curse you Darude.
  8. Zander

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Anyone had any issues with actually being able to select or go to other planets? For some reason when in orbit if I go to a different planet sometimes I cannot go back and there are no planets around me.
  9. Zander

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    I just want to say as a lifelong gamer I am so tired of being told by so many companies that "they know best" and my opinions as a player don't matter at all. The fact that you guys want to work with us and have shown already you are willing to do so makes me want to support you more. I want to be part of this community because I know it is exactly that, a community, not a dictatorship of "The Creators" vs. "The Players". Thanks for restoring some of my faith in this industry. I look forward to helping you guys however I can and seeing Astroneer grow into the wonderful game we all know it can be.
  10. Zander

    Found a working Thruster.

    For the love of god make some sweet jumps and launch yourself and take pics.
  11. Zander

    The Sandstorm

    Gotta love the Sandstorm. I would love to see them make different types of storms that you could also harvest some type of gas or mineral from and then it would give you a reason to try and brave the sandstorm or create some node to collect from it!
  12. Zander

    Impacting ecosystem

    I like this idea. It could push players to build a certain way or craft certain items to help dea with these shifts. I'm in favor of any system that allows the player to choose for themselves how to proceed.
  13. Hey everyone, Huge fan of the game and System Era. Any company that understands the fans who play all the time understand the game the best has my vote. I'm interested to know what keeps you all going? At this time we are all in an EA build and the game is fresh and new. We can build and explore relatively easily because the game is shallow at this point compared to where it will be over the coming months and years. So why do you keep going at it? What gets you guys and gals to keep exploring and building? What are you hoping to get out of this? What in this world of spacemen and Matter Manipulators tickles your fancy and makes you want to explore!? Thanks in advance for your responses! Love, Zander
  14. Zander

    SES Careers

    Very interested in this. Been involved in the video game industry for several years. I am also a graphic designer working on Minecraft products and I would love to make some sweet stuff for this game. The System Era team seems like a great group of people too.