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  1. tolyabi228

    User made maps & download

    its possible on steam/windows (though save formats are diffrent)
  2. how about double gates bug?
  3. tolyabi228

    X-mas trees

    isnt it means the same? I thought so
  4. tolyabi228

    X-mas trees

    On current max CHEER progress(2500) reclaiment platform should have option to deliver to player seed of some kind of tree(I suppose Sylvia ones) and a "decoration toolkit". It can be equipied on grown tree and will offer slots for colored tethers for garland and upon placing starly object on top it will light up and reclaiment points for current save will be doubled
  5. tolyabi228

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    oh and also faster craft speed thats what is actually cool
  6. tolyabi228

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    no mobile rtg and good is battery increased by just 30% or its stacked- 60%? otherwise +1
  7. tolyabi228

    Simple Geology Features

    glaicers inside glacio +1
  8. tolyabi228

    Make Endgame unaccesable in creative

    Then make creative mode unlockable after completing endgame
  9. tolyabi228

    how I want to expand on the Creative Update

    +1 Agree for creative watermark and I think lod anchors should be delivered by starting landing pad, like printer and platform, incuding ability to reset them
  10. tolyabi228

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Currently there is no way to get rid of deployed shelters, ive been in same situation and that encouraged me even more for moving the main base
  11. tolyabi228

    Playing with creative

  12. tolyabi228

    Playing with creative

    soon will complete ussr flag