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  1. Ok, listen to him, he knows what he's doing, and, unlike myself, can actually represent SES. Hi Adam!
  2. [7S]Vilynn

    An easy way to make true flat surface

    They also have a soil stamp shown, which I believe is what you were looking for Did you mean something like this? https://clips.twitch.tv/CorrectShinyPassionfruitChocolateRain
  3. [7S]Vilynn

    My working idea for an automation system

    Well, there's a bit of an issue with that logic. I absolutely agree, automation would be nice. But nothing in the game really costs enough to need a large factory for. I assume you pulled the idea from a game like Satisfactory, where you almost physically can't progress without setting up a factory, but that game generally is asking for hundreds, or thousands of 1 specific resource, like concrete, or what-have-you. In those kind of games, a factory is absolutely a must-have. In games like Astroneer, the most expensive item it probably the Large Shuttle, or the RTG, and that only takes 4 items for the shuttle, or 2 for the RTG, sure, they can be a bit of a pain in the butt for newer players to gather, but once you know where to look, everything in the game starts looking really easy to make. And I can't think of a single reason that you'd need 19 RTGs, unless you were trying to power 2 Atrox gateways at once, I've generally only got a max of 4 RTGs, because I'm never using all the machines at once, and 16A (16 U/s, whatever it is) is more than sufficient to power all the machines that I am using at once
  4. Well, there's the problem, that number above the item, that IS an inventory, it's essentially giving you a data representation of how many items it has, and what items it has. It's like in Minecraft, you open your inventory, and you have a stack of 64 whatevers. When you place that down, it looks different, and the inventory amount decreases. 64 blocks placed in Minecraft look much different than those same 64 blocks in your inventory. It's still an inventory, unless it's physical, tangible items, that you can always see the scope of. I'm not trying to badmouth your idea, I really do like it, I just don't think it fits with the theme SES went for.
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    Item auto fill storage

    I think I explained this somewhere else, and I am going to point out that I have almost no experience in CS, but here's my logic on why it behaves that way. I think, when an item is sent off the producing item (Drill, Chem. Lab, you name it), it searches for any available space on that platform, if there's none found, and it's on a rover, it will go to the next rover, or, if on a platform, it will search for available space on anything that's connected to the platform that can take an input, and, if there's nothing that can take an input, it will then search on the silo/storage for yet more silos/storages, like going up a tree, it goes through the trunk, finding available space, then it'll go to the large branches, finding available space, then to the leaves. And I believe that the problem with telling the output items to search for a medium silo/storage is that, if there isn't one, then it might get stuck, looking for an item that either isn't there, or doesn't have an available input slots. That's my take on it, and how it works in my head, again, I have almost no experience whatsoever in CS, I'm just a random dude who likes the game, and that's how I've made heads and tails of it. If you think it's wrong, it probably is. But that's the explanation I came up for it. TL;DR - Items go up an "input tree" looking for input slots, accepting the first one it will fit into, problem with asking the item to start at the leaves is that, if leaves are all in use, or there aren't any leaves, item might get stuck. Not a CS guy (For those of you who don't know, CS = Computer Science.)
  6. Well, I believe the way that the autofill system works, is that it searches for the platform it's currently on first, then, if there's no available space, it goes to the next rover, and the next, and the next, if there's no available space directly on any rovers, it looks for a storage on the platform it was produced from (I'm counting drills as "producing" soil), to, in this case, the large storages. if no space is found, only then it will go to the medium storages, which is where you're looking for the items to go. I'm not in CS, but I am unsure if there is a fix for that, because if you tell it to look for storages first, then it might get stuck if there isn't any storage. Again, not a CS person, so I'm absolutely guessing, but that's where my logic is
  7. Well, the way the storage system works in Astro, that wouldn't quite fit, since SES turned away from the "virtual storage" kind of storage, with stuff like chests, and whatnot, which this kind of absolutely is. SES opted for a storage that you could always see what was there, there wasn't any kind of "inventory" to open, anywhere, just GUIs (Stuff with buttons, like printers, and research chambers, and the other machines), and this type of storage is absolutely more space efficient, but I don't think this type of storage fits with the others, but I'm glad you gave this some thought. Keep the ideas coming, and welcome to the forums! +1 for the MumboJumbo logo
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    Fallen astroneer recovery project

    This is SES's way of implicating a dead body, but they can't actually show a dead body, otherwise the game wouldn't be PG, which is, I believe, what SES is attempting to be
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    Research chamber cancel button - IM UPSET

    I believe this was meant so that, if you have something like a surface research item from Sylva, and were researching it, which would get about 60 bytes over the course of 5 minutes, you could get rid of it to make space for a bigger and better Research item, but I've done this, as well, and deleted a 12 KB RI, and I was devastated, because I was new, and didn't know that The surface of Glacio is littered with EDRAs that pretty much have a minimum of 7.2 KB in it (imo, the 7.2 KB RIs are the best, since they give something close to 270 B/m, which is more that any other RI, I believe), but I think that the cancel button and the start button shouldn't be in the same place, so that people who triple click, rather than double click, don't accidentally delete their progress.
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    Medium Canister variety

    Counterpoint: Use a medium silo! It can hold 50% more soil that the medium canister, and I'd imagine the same to be true if medium canisters could hold hydrazine and other various gasses, also, as hydrazine and gas have no tangible container like soil does, you could really only put hydrazine and gas in, and couldn't take it out, unless you had a 2nd, T1 can of hydrazine/gas. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Vehicle removal needed

    Well, to add an XXXXL Shredder, they'd need a Tier 5, 6, and 7 platform to put it on. Making that many new platform tiers just isn't worth it, for only 1 building, at least, I'd love to see something like Stellaris's MegaEngineering and GigaEngineering mods, adding massive structures that are wildly expensive, but also wicked cool.
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    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    I actually suggested had suggest something similar to this, although, maybe not as good. https://forum.systemera.net/topic/54790-backpack-upgrades/
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    Auto starting research chamber

    I understand just fine, I know that you're asking for an auto-start feature, I'm just not sure how likely that is to happen, as automation isn't a huge thing with SES atm
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    Auto starting research chamber

    Yea, but you can do it all in one fell swoop, so you can get through it faster, rather than doing it for a long time. I gathered like, 18 Research Items, and just made 6 Research Chambers, and that worked just fine.
  15. [7S]Vilynn

    Auto starting research chamber

    Make more research chambers.
  16. [7S]Vilynn

    Bike generator

    This would actually be really entertaining, it'd be cool, if you could press C and V faster, and that makes the bike go faster Gotta go fast!
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    Necessary UI changes to make VR playable

    Well, maybe not never, but it's not currently planned.
  18. [7S]Vilynn

    Vehicle removal needed

    I mean, the reason you can't scrap them, is that, they're ALL XL items, and the XL Shredder can only shred Large items. Maybe if they were to introduce an XXL Shredder, that might work!
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    Idea:Three ways to make moving the base around easier

    Winch is amazing! It allows you to launch stuff into space! You can learn how to fly, THE HARD WAY! I've also successfully flown from one base to another using a crane and a winch. You can make a 12-rover train! You can attach a Large Silo B to a tractor. A TRACTOR! Winch is a god-tier item. Do not besmirch the name of the holy winch. Oh, yea, welcome to the forums, TS, hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Naming storage

    Ooooooook, then, seems like someone could be a preschool teacher! Welcome to the forums, Bob. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Methane powered generator

  22. [7S]Vilynn

    How about Delivery Platform?

    There's really no way of forcing there to only be a storage container attached to the drone. The point of it is to be able to put anything anywhere, so... This kinda goes against that. And putting a seat on there still works just as fine.