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  1. [7S]Vilynn

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Dude, it was a joke, wow. I know that shelters only make 1A, and yes, I'd much rather make RTGs. Ever heard of sarcasm?
  2. [7S]Vilynn

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    I mean, if you were to make enough shelters, you'd have unlimited power, at an actual good rate, so they must be good, right?
  3. [7S]Vilynn

    Make Home bases destructable/packable

    Dynamite + Hydrazine*
  4. [7S]Vilynn

    A list of ideas

    I like the idea of a Dyson Sphere, especially as that would essentially make it permanight, and solar panels are no longer viable. Only problem I can think of it is how would you send the power? Would you use the same wireless energy idea you had previously? If so, you'd only have power for half the time, when day used to be. How would you build the Dyson sphere? Would you assemble parts in space, or the unidentified satellite, then move them? How would you configure the DS, there's currently no way to land on the sun, you could add a landing area for the Dyson sphere. Just food for thought! Love the ideas, keep them coming!
  5. [7S]Vilynn

    Road signs

    You can change the color, however, and you can deform terrain to indicate which direction to go. Great first post, and welcome to the forums!
  6. [7S]Vilynn

    Backpack Upgrades

    I believe those are items, and with the designations on the sides of the items, I think it's some kind of portable small printer, but, hey, could be wrong. Find out in a week!
  7. [7S]Vilynn

    Backpack Upgrades

    I mean, while it would look bizarre, the guy can carry an entire spaceship that's fully decked out with heavy stuff, so, and I don't feel like that's totally out of line... And I'm sure some form of balance can be found
  8. [7S]Vilynn

    Liquids in Astroneer

    You'd have more power with an RTG...
  9. [7S]Vilynn

    Hydrazine Jetpack improvement

    Looks like small printer slots, so, maybe a portable small printer?
  10. I feel like the 2nd version of what you said would likely be more viable, but I like the idea!
  11. [7S]Vilynn

    Base Tracker

    I've always done a couple things to make sure I don't get lost, after getting lost when doing the Wanderer update for the first time. I make a road from the core to my base, and so, if I ever get lost, I just go to the core, however, then you do have to make a lot of roads to the core, and you'll have to search around in the core. The other thing that I use is just a line of beacons of different color that you can see literally anywhere(basically making coordinates for latitude and longitude for the planet w/ your base as a "pole") But yea, this would be a lot simpler! However, if you move bases to a different location, then how would the Base Tracker differentiate between your current base, and the starter base?
  12. [7S]Vilynn

    Gateway mods

    This is cool, I like this!
  13. [7S]Vilynn

    Character Upgrades

    This is where the Neg Voider comes into play, to cancel out the negative effects of the other Character Augments, but I do feel as though some balance is needed
  14. [7S]Vilynn

    Rover Upgrades

    Ok, last one! For those of you joining us, I've talked, in previous posts (Yes, this is a group) about Base Upgrades, Character Upgrades, and Backpack upgrades! And now, introducing Rover Upgrades! This has to do with what I think could improve the game's rovers. Rover Engine, Rover Efficiency, and Rover Flight! As with the Base Upgrades, Rover Upgrades come in 3 Tiers, T1, T2, and T3. Also stackable, but also requires a widget slot. Rover Engine - Gotta go FAAAAAST T1 - 1KB, 1 Aluminum, 25% Speed Increase T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Aluminum Alloy, 1 Tungsten, 60% Speed Increase T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Tungsten Carbide, 1 Steel, 1 Titanium Alloy, 150% Speed Increase Rover Efficiency - In for the long haul T1 - 1KB, 1 Zinc, .25A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) T2 - 2.5KB, 1 Zinc, 1 Lithium, .5A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) T3 - 6.25KB, 1 Zinc, 1 Lithium, 1 Steel, .75A Power Consumption Reduction (Minimum .25A) Rover Flight - Up, up, and away! Now, this one is a little trickier, as it's not tiers, it's for different rovers, but it's also stable flight, so... Medium Rover Flight Set - 20KB, 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Diamond Large Rover Flight Set - 30KB, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy, 1 Diamond, 1 Astronium (Give Astronium some love, SES) That's all from me! Vilynn out! Peace!
  15. [7S]Vilynn

    Character Upgrades

    Don't know why this posted twice, sorry!