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  1. [7S]Vilynn

    Fallen astroneer recovery project

    This is SES's way of implicating a dead body, but they can't actually show a dead body, otherwise the game wouldn't be PG, which is, I believe, what SES is attempting to be
  2. [7S]Vilynn

    Research chamber cancel button - IM UPSET

    I believe this was meant so that, if you have something like a surface research item from Sylva, and were researching it, which would get about 60 bytes over the course of 5 minutes, you could get rid of it to make space for a bigger and better Research item, but I've done this, as well, and deleted a 12 KB RI, and I was devastated, because I was new, and didn't know that The surface of Glacio is littered with EDRAs that pretty much have a minimum of 7.2 KB in it (imo, the 7.2 KB RIs are the best, since they give something close to 270 B/m, which is more that any other RI, I believe), but I think that the cancel button and the start button shouldn't be in the same place, so that people who triple click, rather than double click, don't accidentally delete their progress.
  3. [7S]Vilynn

    Medium Canister variety

    Counterpoint: Use a medium silo! It can hold 50% more soil that the medium canister, and I'd imagine the same to be true if medium canisters could hold hydrazine and other various gasses, also, as hydrazine and gas have no tangible container like soil does, you could really only put hydrazine and gas in, and couldn't take it out, unless you had a 2nd, T1 can of hydrazine/gas. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. [7S]Vilynn

    Vehicle removal needed

    Well, to add an XXXXL Shredder, they'd need a Tier 5, 6, and 7 platform to put it on. Making that many new platform tiers just isn't worth it, for only 1 building, at least, I'd love to see something like Stellaris's MegaEngineering and GigaEngineering mods, adding massive structures that are wildly expensive, but also wicked cool.
  5. [7S]Vilynn

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    I actually suggested had suggest something similar to this, although, maybe not as good. https://forum.systemera.net/topic/54790-backpack-upgrades/
  6. [7S]Vilynn

    Auto starting research chamber

    I understand just fine, I know that you're asking for an auto-start feature, I'm just not sure how likely that is to happen, as automation isn't a huge thing with SES atm
  7. [7S]Vilynn

    Auto starting research chamber

    Yea, but you can do it all in one fell swoop, so you can get through it faster, rather than doing it for a long time. I gathered like, 18 Research Items, and just made 6 Research Chambers, and that worked just fine.
  8. [7S]Vilynn

    Auto starting research chamber

    Make more research chambers.
  9. [7S]Vilynn

    Bike generator

    This would actually be really entertaining, it'd be cool, if you could press C and V faster, and that makes the bike go faster Gotta go fast!
  10. [7S]Vilynn

    Necessary UI changes to make VR playable

    Well, maybe not never, but it's not currently planned.
  11. [7S]Vilynn

    Vehicle removal needed

    I mean, the reason you can't scrap them, is that, they're ALL XL items, and the XL Shredder can only shred Large items. Maybe if they were to introduce an XXL Shredder, that might work!
  12. [7S]Vilynn

    Idea:Three ways to make moving the base around easier

    Winch is amazing! It allows you to launch stuff into space! You can learn how to fly, THE HARD WAY! I've also successfully flown from one base to another using a crane and a winch. You can make a 12-rover train! You can attach a Large Silo B to a tractor. A TRACTOR! Winch is a god-tier item. Do not besmirch the name of the holy winch. Oh, yea, welcome to the forums, TS, hope you enjoy your stay!