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  1. Idk, this could also be added to the Terrain Tool. Also it could help with carrying stuff
  2. So, I realized that the creation tool looks a lot like the terrain tool, and I thought it would be better to make a change to it so that the slots on the side could hold a medium storage, so you can place more things like augments or stuff you collect. Summary: - 2 connected slots on side of creation tool. - Able to put medium storage on. - Can put augments on that medium storage.
  3. I've never heard of surviving mars, and thanks
  4. This is just a more complete version of the RC car/robot idea I came up with. Automation (Optional): - Drone flies into air for finding target path. - Automatically paves bridges or digs tunnels. - Chooses easiest path, aka path with least rocks/trees/etc. Driving: - Seat in station for pilot car. - Same as a regular buggy, but smaller and with paver or drill if added. Stations: - Almost like 1/2 seat 1/2 storage. - Contains room for RC. -Beacon for finding with drone for RC. Design/Storage: - 3 slots on top for power. - 2 slots for storage. - New "Micro Package" that is a 3 x 3 storage that folds up into a package. -2 slots on front for digging and paving. Customization: - Same colors as player has unlocked. - Other random color sets for only RC. - Designs based off of astronaut designs. (Something that looks like the main body build.) - Other random designs (Could include buggy/tractor) Conveyors: - Simply make track for conveyor. - Items drop off like a machine like a furnace would onto storage. - Each piece holds 1 item/1 slot per. - Attaches to station and platforms via cables, or conveyor can act AS a cable.
  5. I like it, but how would you call it down or up?
  6. Following up on RC cars, since that was my idea, i was thinking these things could be added: - Customization ( Design/Chassis and color - maybe character colors? ) - A drone flying up into orbit to chose automated paths. - Stations for car to drive to and drop stuff off, or to pilot the car. - Flies when needed? Could also have drone version or wheels turn into hover parts. - 1/3 size of character normally (maybe lower versions) Customization: - Chassis based off of character designs, and other designs - Colors same as Chassis, character and other - Trail?
  7. So, me and some others had a huge conversation in Discord, and these are some of the things we thought of: - Trains - Roads (Like platforms almost) - Robots - RC Cars - Stations for RC, Train, and Robot - Possibly other? I know in RC i would like for it to be able to carry 2 or 3 things, and it can drop Glow Sticks or Beacons. It could also carry stuff to stations or have an automation process in the future. I also think that the robots could be a lot like the RC idea. I know there's stuff about automation, but I wanted to put down the RC and Robot idea mainly.