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  1. B1uRrFaC3

    Update Came out Recently

    Well it beats carrying a research pod forEVER!! just to put it up there to receive the same thing over and over.
  2. B1uRrFaC3

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    This makes a great point, we as gamers find this stuff out quickly and he has already found the research chest that is going to wield him the most points that means that. that specific chest will be the only chest we will use leaving the other chest undesirable. the way to make this fun with all chest is doing exactly what he said make certain research require low grade + legendary + exotic research points to craft forcing us to cherish all chest. please look at that. dont make the more research point chest harder to find just update the research to require different kinds of research points making us have a need for all the chest we come across.
  3. B1uRrFaC3

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Well well you guys have done it, you have created an update that has got me excited to go see the changes. this is a game changer, god no more running for hours just to keep receiving the same blueprint. i will finally fell like im progressing towards something rather then being let down when when opening up research to only find out its something i already had. Now i get to build towards what i need. fan-freaking-tastic. only problem with all this is, is that im at work and cant hop on and try it right now!!!!!
  4. When i create a world on my XBOX and go play on my PC all my saves are there but once i go back to my XBOX from my PC all my saves are gone.
  5. B1uRrFaC3

    Having more than one space craft

    here is a video of what it looked like before the disaster occurred lol. ASTRONEER_12_21_2016_1_49_46_PM.mp4
  6. B1uRrFaC3

    Having more than one space craft

    and now my space ship is upside down and a huge unmovable bolder just spawned in and attached my extra pod to it
  7. OK so i have a shuttle and a spaceship so i built two vehicle bays for each of them thinking that was the right thing to do, i also two other vehicle bays that have one crane and one storage truck as you can see in my first picture. in the second picture you are looking at what happened once i launched off in my shuttle and came back home. i landed directly on top of my spaceship instead of going back to the vehicle bay that i took off from. before this picture when i came back the first time i landed on my storage truck vehicle bay instead of the one launched from. i kept taking off and landing hoping i land at the one i took off from but it never happened it just completely destroyed my base. I am on windows 10/ Xbox One. here are the photos before and after.
  8. B1uRrFaC3

    My Space Station so far! :)

    Ok here she is my wonderful crane with wench. about to go out for a spin.
  9. B1uRrFaC3

    My Space Station so far! :)

    Ill try the generators i was thinking about those next, im going to build a fourth vehicle bay because i want to build a crane i just researched it i also just go the wench i want to see what that does.
  10. B1uRrFaC3

    My Space Station so far! :)

    I have three there just not in the shot,
  11. B1uRrFaC3

    My Space Station so far! :)

  12. I had to start over this morning, well i wanted to because the resources where I landed on my last game just didn't accommodate my needs. So Im at work today and i have been playing on my laptop and so far this is what i have gotten. FYI the trade station shuttle is a lifesaver if you are in the need of crafting materials. If you have a fuel condenser you can make fuel for no resources and trade 8 containers for four copper or aluminum. but so far this is what i got.
  13. B1uRrFaC3

    to the game devs

    I am in love with this game too and it is extremely relaxing when its working lol, buts its only going to get better from here. My girlfriend hates this game because i have been sucked in since launch lol. Having a hard time finding aluminum or aluminum core at the moment to build another buggy builder i noticed once you craft a shuttle you cant use it anymore. i have checked every cave I have came across, i can find only copper core and fuel. I am currently at work digging through a mountain hoping to find some there. i have found a ton of research though even the spaceship truck and crane haven't got to craft them yet though.
  14. B1uRrFaC3

    I wanna know what they are hiding!

    Wow thats So Awesome! God i love this game!