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  1. So many times I am trying to make a smooth road that connects to a slope and since the angle and slope of roads are not always aligned it takes forever and causes a lot of frustrating going back over and over. Also when trying to make square corners on interior or exterior walls it is almost impossible. Option One - two new tools: 1. When holding down the control to flatten, add a mod to the tool that only adds and will not take away. Currently, if I have a wall and floor that I want to connect, if I flatten the floor to the edge of the wall it starts digging into the wall. An add dirt only would fix this. This would work for joining 2 walls a ceiling, etc... 2. When holding down the control to flatten, add a mod tool that only takes away and will not add. if i am trying to make outside corners or slopes connect this would prevent the edge from protruding over the existing slope or wall. Option Two - one new tool Make one tool that is a Flatten tool. Standard mode would be a remove and no add flatten (this would flatten bumps and work as 2 above). Alt mode would be an add and no remove flatten (this would remove holes or divots and act as 1 above). And the control key would work as it does now. I actually like the option 2 the more I think about it. With one tool on the gun (no switching) I can make new flat surfaces, and all the flat surfaces connect nicely.
  2. My wife and I just bought the steam/PC version so she could play with me. She does not like xbox controls.... I hosted a game and I was showing her a nice bright easy visible purple research growing out of a green rock so she could see what to scan. When she looked at my screen it was easy to see. On her screen it blended in with the stone. After trying many things with her pc, I had her host a game. Now her research sample is nice and easy to see on her screen but blends in on mine. Seems like the guest does not get proper colors.