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    Road signs

    Basically we need signs in general so you can leave a message for someone or write something down for later
  2. werr3222werrr

    Addition of liquids

    Possible way of collecting liquids through a liquid condenser, it would be able to collect water liquid nitrogen and other things but the time to create them would be very long similar to atmospheric condenser but different it could use some item to collect it like a filter or some other type thing
  3. werr3222werrr

    Possible air vehicle

    I believe a possible air vehicle in the same truer as the buggy would be a small gyrocopter such as the one below
  4. werr3222werrr

    Special research found in world

    I have completed the game and I mean items you can create in printers that is unlocked by doing something similar too that Basically something that causes you to explore the world more
  5. werr3222werrr

    Special research found in world

    What I meant was if your exploring the world and you find a crashed ship or something and press like a button or power it up you unlock something and that’s the only way to unlock that specific item
  6. I believe an item that can only Ben unlocked by finding something in the world that gives you the option to create the item doing something like that would add some nice diversity to the way we unlock items