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    Collecting Soil QUickly

  2. ScrapMaster

    Collecting Soil QUickly

    Mio, Thanks so much. The screenshot helped a lot. This setup is working for me. Took some practice, especially aiming up/down. I made somewhat of a mess in the learning process. Now, what do I do with all the resulting resin/compound/organic? It's too much! I can print stuff with it and chuck it in the shredder. Any other ideas? Thanks, Matt
  3. ScrapMaster

    Collecting Soil QUickly

    Thanks. Interesting. I've also been using a mountain, but collecting with terrain tool. Screenshot of "nicely drilling horizontal" would be helpful.
  4. ScrapMaster

    Collecting Soil QUickly

    What is the fastest way to collect soil? Terrain tool with boost and wide mod? Carry a bunch of canisters? What about Medium Canister on a rover with drill? Any tips for making that work well? How do you keep the rover from heading downward? Video of that would be awesome.