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    Help the ground ate my Zebra

    Ran out of Laterite so I decided to dig and found it randomly in a cave, turns out the ground actually ate my ball. I will head to Tundra for more balls soon.
  2. I was digging underground and trying to make a slide to the center of the earth when I decided to come back up. I had my zebra ball in a divot near where I was digging. I got up and may have dug a bit too close to my zebra ball, resulting in it disappearing off of the face of the earth. I was excited to move my zebra ball to a new cave shrine and post all about it on Reddit, but all I could think of when I re-surfaced with my ball nowhere to be found was Ze-bruh. Please help, it disappeared 3 days ago and I check all the surrounding mountains and underground to no avail. I need to find my lord and savior, my Zebro. I will be forever sad without this rare find that I found on the opposite end of the planet in the mountains before I even had a rover. Rest in peace, Zebra.