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  1. crazymachinefan

    Walking platforms

    Slap a seat on a platform to give it the ability to walk around! Slowly. Uselessly slow. I was thinking it would be good for repositioning or aligning more precisely. It would work regardless of whether or not it was anchored by power cables.
  2. crazymachinefan

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    How do we view the total community score?
  3. crazymachinefan

    Platform Exclusive Suits

    System Era announced that the PS4 version would have an exclusive suit. Are the other platforms getting these? It would make sense having one on each instead of just the one.
  4. Literally anything that could fit in a shredder in any rotation. I would also like to see scrap versions of all of the items, including old ones. So broken pre 0.6 bases, broken SREV mk1s, broken vehicle bays, broken hydrazine catalyzers, broken old printers, etc. I think it would add a bit more depth to the game, and something fun for old players to find.