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  1. I found a workaround I think. After choosing a save from the main menu, the game loads and Starting Sequence begins playing on repeat. From there though, if I load into a different saved game while already playing in a save, the soundtrack seems to be playing normally. Hooray!
  2. When I first open the game and I'm at the main menu, the track called Starting Sequence is always playing. When I load a save, the only music that plays is the starting sequence on a loop. If I then exit back to the main menu, other songs from the soundtrack will be playing. From there, if I start a new game, the soundtrack seems to behave as intended. It will shift through the different tracks as I move through the world and do different things. But after the first time that I save and quit the game or quit to the menu, and then load back into that new save, the only music that plays from the