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  1. I've enjoyed your game very much and it's nice to see it evolving to even better game. The following suggestion is minor one in nature and it certainly is one of those things which I suppose the most of the players have not even noticed. When you tilt your view angle the game resets the angle to the default angle after you start moving for longer than three seconds without touching the mouse which is unnecessary. Here's an example. I'm in my base crafting stuff. I have resources in various inventory containers around me and I'm trying to find certain items in order to craft what ever I'm crafting at that point. At this moment I typically tilt the view so that I'm looking at myself from straight above me and I zoom out in order to see the containers around me better. Then if I see the item I'm looking for and start running towards it the auto-center routine might kick in and it resets the view to the default view angle. However, that's not what I would like to happen. I'm crafting and moving items around me and the downward view angle suits me best in that situation. It becomes very irritating when I have to constantly "battle" against the auto-center routine. An other example. I'm exploring the planet and while I'm driving forward I want to look left and right to see what is around me. If I leave the view to for example left for three seconds the auto-center routine will kick in and start to forcibly move the view angle towards front. I will have to constantly move the mouse in order to stop the game from starting the auto-center routine which yet again is very irritating. I suppose the auto-center routine is beneficial if you play the game with a controller, but for a mouse/keyboard combo it is an absolute nuisance. When I play a game with mouse/keyboard combo then I expect to be in 100% control. The last thing I want is the game to decide when to look forward for me. I'm perfectly capable of turning my view angle to forward myself if I need to. I hope you understand what I'm talking about. From the coding point of view I'm sure adding "Auto-center on/off" option should be very easy to implement.