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    Lost all my items but not my save?

    Just got time to get back on, all seems well, thanks for the tip!
  2. So I thought today I would hop onto Astroneer and play it for a bit, but when I got on, all my skins and colours were locked again, also, the hydrazine on my rocket is bugged, please fix! If I find a solution I will reply, thank you!
  3. BurlierEarth7

    Byte consuming printer

    That seems like a great idea, I wasn't so sure about how the bytes would work either, but you saing its like "electricity" brings the thought up, what if you use bytes for electricity?
  4. BurlierEarth7

    Anti-gravity shrinking Bubble

    This is a really rare item you can make using rare items such as astronium, or a new anti-gravity ore. When placed down you can select up to a certain range with a slider to collect and it will pick up all the items (that the player has made, such as platforms, machines, etc.. but not research items, dirt, etc...) and shrink them down to a "package" size (small amounts would be carried on your backpack, medium amounts in your hand, and large on a vehicle) to carry to another place, such as a new base, and if its something that cant be packaged or moved (like a habitat) then it won't pick it up. you can also make different sizes of these, such as a backpack size (maybe a tiny range?) or Tier 1 - 3 (ranging from a small range to an enormous range).
  5. BurlierEarth7

    Terrain Analyzer Station

    I like this idea, I hope it gets added!
  6. BurlierEarth7

    Byte consuming printer

    (Just thought of this, needs lots of refinement,) What if someone has extra bytes and doesn't need them? How about a new item that you can research (It would be a small to medium item) and build it using (in my opinion, and double the amount for a medium one,) 1 aluminum (Casing) & 1 copper (wires) for about 3,750 bytes. With this, you will pair it with a new machine (Name not made yet) that converts your bytes into a small canister of blue (or green) material (Maybe a lower level material for 100 - 500 bytes, and a higher level material for 1000 - 3000 bytes), then you use the material to make useful uncommon - rare ores, such as ammonium, laterite, titanite, or even hematite! The material machine would cost 2,500 bytes, and the power consumption would be 6u/s for the machine and 5u/s for the printer, +3u/s to each for medium-size ones. The medium printers would print out something like a premium catalog machine that gives new items (for example, a reusable machine that repairs debris by using material), for example, a broken solid fuel thruster would be repaired for 1 ammonium, and a broken habitat could be repaired for 3 silicone, etc... you get the idea, this could be used for so much, but I'm getting off-topic, I hope to see this idea in a future version of Astroneer, but that's all your idea, System Era!
  7. Found this a while ago, maybe about 1-2 weeks ago when I was playing Astroneer with my friend, he and I were lost, and I had just pulled my large rover out of a pit using the winch. Thinking that it would automatically disconnect, I put it on my rover, and then the rover flew away... funny to watch but a waste of a large rover, winch, and an RTG, please fix, thanks! (P.S: I only recently found out there was a forum for Astroneer, so thats why my posts were very fast)
  8. Whenever you package a "Research Chamber" while it is researching something (on Xbox one, at least), your game crashes, I just wanted to address this, maybe for a simple fix just make it impossible to package while in use or delete the research item, I found this on purpose as I wanted to know what would happen, thanks!