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  1. Western Gaming

    Crashing issue

    did you reinstall the game because some times you have to do that it did the same to me but i uninstalled it then reinstalled it . and that bug stopped for me
  2. Western Gaming

    Ping: Art Department

    i love these ideas
  3. Western Gaming

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    yeah mine like made the planet glitch out and i only could see the sky
  4. Western Gaming


    now that's sick
  5. Western Gaming

    1 Million Bytes!

    yeah that's a lot
  6. Western Gaming

    core locked

    or the thing the hubs around the surface of the planets
  7. Western Gaming

    core locked

    did you unlock all the gates
  8. Western Gaming

    local multiplayer

    this message is about local multiplayer and if system era can add it or not. I as a gamer mostly play with my brother and me and him both play at the same time and we only have one console we don't have the money to get another one so if you can would you guys and girls please add local or split screen to astroneer for console.