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  1. -Being able to package marbles (they would have the same package logo as the recreational sphere) -Being able to craft fireworks of different colors using explosive powder and a resource of that color. The explosion would also change. Examples include: Explosive powder + organic = green firework, circle(s) explosion Explosive powder + hydrazine = purple firework, swirl explosion Explosive powder + resin + yellow firework, star explosion Explosive powder + argon = blue firework, astroneer logo explosion (yes, I know colored fireworks were supposed to be limited but i think it would work well with creative mode) -T1 storages that fit only 2 - 3 items (useful for decoration or storing an odd number of items) -Signs, which have 2 customizable images. You can choose to have any logo (resources, planets, storages, power modules, tethers, stations, etc) and arrows pointing in the cardinal directions. If only one image is in use (like if you just wanted an arrow), it will take up the entire sign. -The ability to turn off that little 'ding' noise when you select what gateway chamber you want to go to from the Odd Stone -More landing spots on Glacio and Atrox!
  2. themidnight87

    Terrain Analyzer Station

    I think there should be a station similar to the Soil Centrifuge where you would put in two colors from a terrain analyzer (e.g. blue and purple) and you would be able to manipulate those colors in certain ways. For example, you could combine the two colors to make a blue-violet color that you could use. You would also be able to add patterns with those two colors. Ideas that I have in mind include half blue half purple, diagonal streaks, polka dots, bricks, and a gradient between the two colors. This station would only require power to use other than the two terrain analyzers needed to combine colors and make patterns, because it is simply a cosmetic change and it would be unnecessary to require other resources.