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  1. Alright so I can see this only in use as a way of getting cool screenshots, and the mining asteroids part would be an entirely new part of the game which is too big of an idea for now.
  2. I mean, I like the idea of a space station to take cool screenshots. But scanning resources doesn’t really make sense since it already shows you what each planet has and so does the encyclopaedia. Scanning research items is kinda useless since they can be found really easily and Exo ones would be encased in metal so it wouldn’t really make sense.
  3. A little bike for early and mid game that costs one compound and one copper. You place it down, pull a cable from it to your base. Press F and jump on, tap C and V to start cycling.
  4. I mean in real life, would you rather go around the planet using the stars, or get a gps. I think I personally myself would use GPS. I would say that same applies here.
  5. I mean later on we have more types of electricity so by the time you have extra bytes. You will already have better power sources. You might as well just store it and keep it for the next update.
  6. I mean I think the upgrades would be permanent until you take them out. And hover vehicles should be a vehicle of its own as the rovers are quite bulky and don’t really look hover-able. I made another quick tread on hovers if you want to see it.
  7. This would be a medium slot attachment(two dots connected by one line) It would look like an engine but replace the pistons with single ports. This could be attached to any vehicle(including upcoming ones). How the upgrades would work is just like the terrain tool. You just plug them in and once you start driving they will have a little animation where they stick into the rover like a injection. I’m thinking vehicles would only have 2-3 slots just like the terrain too. I’m thinking most of these upgrades would be made with Astronium. The upgrades- [The ones I could think of so far] Compass[Shows you a compass when you move around] Gravity wheels[Pushes your rover to the ground more, almost like sticking]{Would be very good for Core traveling} Efficiency[Decreases power consumption and slightly increases acceleration] Suspension[Lowers suspension increasing grip and and speed] Separator[When mining ores you get 15% more from a node, and maybe gives a bit more soil from soil canisters for paver.]{Name could be changed} This is all I could think of for now- if you have any other ideas it would be nice-
  8. Good idea. The way I’m looking at this, I would probably take this bubble compression device and probably place it over a large ore patch. And just grab it and bring it over to a planet. Also Astronium is normally spawned in big batches. Like I got 60 ores in less than 10 minutes a few times. So making it more than just astronium would be important. This could be quite overpowered, when you say expensive I say it should be quite expensive. The only way I can see this as being balanced is making it only move placeables and not soil. This would ultimately just overpower the packager and it would have little to no use to use anymore apart from the price of the ultimate bubble packager.
  9. Okay so the idea behind it is good, but maybe not the best in practice. Bytes are just 1s and 0s of data so you could say they are electricity. Which wouldn’t really make sense when you try to make it into a material. How we could improve this idea, is using the bytes and “research” to combine some gasses inside a chamber that get processed into gasses you can’t get on the planet. So like a lazy way of, “man I don’t feel like going to this planet to get gas, I’ll just take some Hydrogen and Nitrogen and spend 800 bytes of data to turn it into Argon”. We already have a soil refinery but yet again it is limited to organic materials. But I guess you could find a use like you said with making metals or other materials. That would be more like fusion. Which could still be an idea, but yet again we have a trade station which trades scrap for different ores. I do think that using excess bytes after you finished researching everything could be good. We don’t really have anything to do with them but trying to make a realistic idea is kind of hard since it’s just information. If anyone else has any ideas on this form then they will probably express them but this is my view on it.
  10. I think another thing would be that you could not use hovers on planets with no atmosphere. Or you would get slightly lower or faster speeds depending on the level of wind on a planet. Like for example the hover would be slower on Artox but a bit faster on Sylva.
  11. I spoke about something like this with some people and they said they wouldn't really like it because it would remove the idea of having a base. Not exactly sure myself but +1
  12. Lmao, I remember sitting at a cafe place thinking about how to balance it. If we were to add hovers. I think it would obviously be a good idea to have them balanced to give rovers a chance at life. Using a jetpack to manouver terrain is obviously very good. But you are limited to a small amount of space in your backpack for items. So that is why a hover vechicle with storage space and manoverability would be great. It could be really good when looking for gates[shrines?](I really don't know what to call them). We could have it move like 2/4 or 1/3 speed faster than a rover. The not reaching the ground part was another way I could think of balancing it so it isn't the most of importance. The connecting part was also a trying to balance thing, I feel if we had it then it would give the rovers more character.
  13. I just feels more realistic. Sattelites that fly around our planet can't really be taken back. I mean, obviously for design the sattelite wouldn't be stationary in space. It just wouldn't make alot of sense. So having a crane reach out somewhere into space just doesn't seem right.