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    A New Game

    I briefly talked with Adam at PAX, he seems focused on the next game, and did not seem constrained by the preexisting theme. Since I gained a few important perspectives that were loose ideas and have since been formed into what could be a cohesive game I thought it best to share. I am not a game developer, I have little skill in all aspects, I am good at knowing things. Your, Not You a game about exploring yourself The first idea for a game I got at PAX was a cultural learning game. God, that sounds boring, and that's why I think there is real potential here. There is so much to cover, there are international cultures, intercounty cultures, intercommunity cultures, interspecies cultures, I would love to talk about all the different ones, what makes them interesting, and how we can adapt them into games. The main problem with this is it can be a monumental time sink and if it can't be made engaging, rewarding, and fun it will never be successful. What is your culture? I liked the idea of innovating that type of game. I loved the math blaster series but it was barely entertaining enough to keep me engaged at 11, I would like to help create something that is focused on engagement and just happens to teach you. I think there might be room in this game for understanding gender, sexuality, and attraction but I don't want to inflate the balloon so big that we all cant hold on. how do you stay focused, drive progress, and not overachieve? My ideas for this game did not have cohesion until I saw a video on youtube showcasing Second-Person as an actual game mechanic, Its a mechanic that I think could have a pivotal role in games that require an aspect of learning, so how can we use this concept as a game mechanic to enhance this and other games? I like the idea of a game where you can stand outside of yourself, watch yourself do something important and learn from it. that's what gaming is about right? learning from mistakes. what else is it? what makes a game fun? how do you make an addictive game? I like VR but I agree with Gabe that it is not here yet, I'm glad he allotted the resources to make the first significant step, I think this game idea could fit between refinement and wide adoption. The best thing I have done with VR is google maps and its currently in storage. Haptic feedback is necessary. "Let me take the Ideas that have gotten me this far and put them to bed, What I'm about to do will not be that, but it will be something." -ZeFrank What is it about what you do that you enjoy? Or alternatively, Why don't you enjoy what you do? All the Best, -Christopher [I miss standardized signatures] Cartmill
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    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hello! I love the name of the company. I think it signifies an epoch in the economic evolution of our species, there is this graph in this article from 1998 that shows the gradual evolution, there was an article published earlier this year that suggested the end of the experience economy and briefly explores merging experience with service. I think Systems will be what governs experience and I want to be apart of their creation. All the Best, -Christopher [I know this is way outside the current scope of the company] Cartmill