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  1. Hello all, I've had Astroneer for a while now and I've been starting to play it an absolute ton lately and love the game so much. Just a quick idea I had, I assume this has already been brought up by other people on this forum, however, my idea is to add in buildings you can make in this game that you can go inside of and possibly access stuff inside of these buildings/place stuff inside of these buildings like printers and etc and then certain items which cannot be inside and must be outside. This could be useful for situations like sandstorms, blizzards, huge thunderstorm/windstorms that may be added into the game to all planets later on, allowing you to still do stuff inside as well as outside. An idea of this could be something like this: One last thing is the space station idea, this is definitely something already brought up and think would be awesome to access some point later in the game where you can also go inside of the space station, maybe getting to it you need more fuel as its further away perhaps.\ Let me know what you guys think