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  1. Yes I just discovered that. LOL I am a tad late
  2. Nevermind I figure it out, mod can delete posts please
  3. What is the radius? I have tried dozens of times and does nothing, just spins and makes this funny sound and that is it, it does not point to anything or tells me anything, we need to have a better description of what these new items added to the game do or what are the mechanics of them.
  4. It was amazing to see the lander on the Moon, but have the4 devs said anything about recreating other ships likew pioneer, voyager etc in other planets? Suggestion: we have the solar array why we dont have a wind array?
  5. Yes, I have never had problems before but since the last 2 updates I am having problems, now my small solar things the portable one show themselves disconnected the dish from the small pin where the dish should be attached.
  6. The same way they added the lander of the Moon in the game, maybe adding other spacecrafts that have landed on other planets also to be included in the game like the crafts that have landed on Venus, Titan, Mars etc?
  7. Since the last 2 patches the soil centrifuge is constantly breaking, Some players suggested it was due to lack of space in the medium storage but I have the same problem several times with my storage totally empty or with plenty of room for the items to be placed any ideas what is going on?