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  1. Dude, I'm sorry but... This is what happens to player suggestions. Nobody reads this sub-forum and player suggestions are never implemented.
  2. This is intentional. I believe that the shaky blueprints have been fixed.
  3. They could ban shredders from shredding those canisters... but wouldn't the same thing happen with dynamite?
  4. Nice list. I see that you're an idealist.
  5. Good point. That animation should also play just like in the trailer - either when the player approaches or at sunrise, with the latter making more sense.
  6. This is the second screenshot in the Steam store. We need these red, layered flowers and the glades back on Sylva.
  7. The attached image shows aluminium next to titanium, zinc, copper and "a banana for scale". Zinc at least has those spots.
  8. I haven't played in alpha but now that the copper/aluminium problem looks like it's sorted, we have the problem with aluminium/titanium/zinc.
  9. Just that. The switch cover should be there while the chamber is active and not when it's inactive - to prevent the destruction of a sample. This could work with other machines but the chamber needs it the most. Switch covers are usually used to prevent accidental activation of a machine but I can't imagine how that would be useful. It's not like we can accidentally bump into a switch. The only thing that changes is requiring a double-click. On the other hand, I've managed to destroy a sample on accident when I tried to activate a second research chamber without closing the first p
  10. This makes sense. I've always thought that once one gateway chamber gets activated, there's little reason to activate other ones. TBH I've activated all of them in Sylva but it seems like a waste of time.
  11. When one smeltable resource is placed on an ENABLED disconnected smelting furnace (that's standing on the ground or without power), it can't be picked up anymore. Game version: any including the Wanderer update Platform: PC