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  1. Why do you think I said, "DIFFERENT TRACKERS for DIFFERENT BASES". They can be on the same planet. Also, you'd need a color or a nickname for each tracker set.
  2. What I'm saying, IS a modification you have to attach. Also, there'll be an achievement to show it in the catalog, you have to find your way back to your base yourself, (optional) with beacons, and when you get back, loot or not, (NEEDED) ON A VEHICLE, then yo unlock the achievement, "Base Tracker", and then you can unlock the now visible Base Tracker, which looks like the probe scanner, but the only thing it copies, is the distance dots. So the closer you get, the more dots you see, halfs not included.
  3. Wassup devs! You need to add a customizable style color palette for suits that people can use and can customize to make their color palette and then they can use that style as a normal color palette. Also, they shouldn't just do something easy to unlock it. They need to unlock a new achievement called, "Master Astroneer", where they have to smelt & use at least 20 of each smeltable material. It can be for anything, power, base building, anything. They just have to use it all. Also, the default style would be Dark Red, which is like Wanderer Red, but the grey part is a little bit lighter.
  4. System Era, you guys need to add a Base Tracker to Astroneer that can track your base, but it only tells you which direction to go in, as in there's an arrow pointing in the direction of which your base is. Also, you'd need to change the color of the tracker to each base because you'll need different trackers for different bases.
  5. System Era, please add a Resource Styler that can allow a player to style a resource as they please. Example: Style an Astronium chunk as a star with the Astronium texture.
  6. Hey System Era! I'm back again! This time with a new suggestion: You guys should add a Bundler o ASTRONEER which would cost 1 Titanium Alloy and would be made from the backpack like the packager. It would cost just as much as the packager, too. Also, you have to have at least 5 of 1 item, like a generator, to bundle it. One last thing, you'd have to use it from within the backpack and the items would be sucked into the slot that bundler is in, and the max item count for each bundle would be 5.
  7. When will Dedicated Servers be coming out? Please include: (In this format) Day | Month | Year | Update Name
  8. System Era, please fix the placement on ASTRONEER for the Tethers and make it how they used to be placed... because I cannot handle my tethers placing, having Oxygen, and then disconnecting. It frustrates me when I'm exploring, going to a Gateway, or going to a Gateway Chamber/Gateway Engine.
  9. Hello again System Era, I have a new suggestion: You guys should increase the spawn rate, not the respawn rate, but the spawn rate of the cave research byte nodes on Glacio. Maybe increase by like, oh I don't know, maybe 5%? Because I can literally almost never find those little cave research byte nodes on Glacio, and it's so very annoying.
  10. j.a.b

    Machine Repairer

    System Era, I have a new suggestion. Could you guys try to implement a new machine/item/object into ASTRONEER where you can build a debris fixer/machine repairer that will allow us players to fix debris using the materials used to build those debris, and you use at least 1 of each resource needed. Also, I think the repairer should be made from Nanocarbon Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Steel, and Lithium because it will be able to repair power generators, too. But it won't be able to fix a broken R.T.G., if that'll ever be a thing. Anyways, I feel like it should be requiring the maximum slots on a platform because it'll be huge. Also, it should also have a slot for a repackager so that it can repackage the item. One last thing before I finish typing, It should not fix anything unless the needed repackager is provided, and it will also completely consume each packager provided.