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    Save File Won't Load? Any Idea What To Do?

    If the savegame is 0kb, then you're probably out of luck :^( same thing happened to me. only way to really prevent it is by copying backups every now and the while playing. I hope the problem is something else solvable and things work out! and i'd love a creative mode too, apparently that's coming around november or december!
  2. Have you checked the %appdata%? You'll have to go one layer back, the click on Local, then Astro, then SaveGames. If the file with the right name is 0kb, you're pretty well messed unless you've got a backup somewhere. not sure why it happens, but it happened to me and I had to restart. Can be prevented by keeping that folder open and copying that file to a separate backups folder every now and then. I know what you mean, it's an amazing game and really relaxing, but it's frustrating when something like this happens hope you can work something out!
  3. Thanks for your help, mallaig! In that case I'm pretty sure it's fully lost, but I'm starting over and still having fun, and I'll make sure to make backups this time :^)
  4. Summary: Wanderer Update - Steam - Saved Game Unopenable Now? Description: After the wanderer update, I was able to play normally for a couple hours. The day of the update, I made the probe scanner but didn't do much else, besides activating the Vesania gateway engine. The next day, I found and scanned the probe on Vesania, and had trouble with the colour palette not unlocking, but that's a somewhat less serious and definitely separate problem. I then saved and quit to menu, closed the game, and turned off my computer for the night. This morning, upon trying to load my save, I encountered the issue. The game loaded perfectly fine to the main menu, but when I clicked on my save to Load, the side menu for the save closed and nothing else happened, leaving me just on the main menu. I started a new game just to see if it was a problem with loading saves, but was able to save that game, and load it without any issue. The original save, with fifty two hours of work in it, remained inaccessible. I did the good old %appdata%, and found this in the Save Games folder for Astroneer: (see image attachment) (image description: folder This PC/Acer(C:)/Users/[user name]/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames, containing three files: SAVE_1$2019.09.28-12.00.21.savegame (the new world i created to test) as a 160KB savegame file; PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg (a 1KB savecfg file); and HOLLIS & AIDEN$2019.09.27-20.06.27.savegame (the original world with 50+ hours) as a savegame file that, notably, is 0KB) Uncertain as to steps to take to remedy? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hollis

    Pre-update saves become unloadable

    Hey Dev Team! I've had a similar problem after the recent Wanderer update, would love if you could help me out!