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  1. have updated the server and rebooted Also using AstroLauncher 1.7.6. https://github.com/ricky-davis/AstroLauncher Server version
  2. Running my own dedicated server - has been working fine till now. When I enter the game now, I am stuck at the mothership with no option to "launch". I can see my beacons etc. on the planet (Sylvia) below.
  3. I have completed the game to end credits (unlocked all cores), found all probes and found Apollo 11 on Desolo, but these achievements remain locked Desolo Awakened Versania Awakened Atrox Awakened ...And Beyond The Wanderer's Way Exo Dynamics Solar System Mastery Other palettes remain locked because the game thinks I have not: Making contact with a historic spacecraft on Desolo (I have, and photographed) Using the Probe Scanner to find a certain vintage probe (I have on every planet) Any ideas/help?
  4. Landing on Sylvia, my shuttle touched down and immediately took off. Now my landing bubbles have moved on the planet I'd come from (Glacio) and the planet I arrived at (Sylvia). There are no landing bubbles over Landing Pads I've placed on both planets. I can't get directly to bases via shuttle. My base on Sylvia is huge - not being able to get there effectively means starting a new game is the only option. Also - not sure if related but Steam does not recognize Astroneer is no longer running after Exit to Desktop (started happening around the same time) so restarting the game involves a Steam restart also.