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  1. I'm in for a +1 on starting planet choice. Could be interesting.
  2. I've always thought about making a nice setup on calidor. Especially in a cove surrounded by a few plateaus but I never get around to it.
  3. If your soil centrifuge gets stuck with the resources upside down, use a packager on it. When you package an item with objects attached, they all get dropped. This has also worked when a few other of my structures have froze. Seems like a cure all for glitched buildings.
  4. My usual 'wandering' back pack layout was 2 batteries, oxygen tank, one canister. Aux was small turbine and worklight. I love the concept of the PO, but with oxygen filters being massively more available(only one resin) than power while wandering, I typically would just make filters as I went.
  5. I think the higher quality of the research, the longer the respawn. On Desolo, it's near constant respawn for me but on novus it was like 30 minutes.
  6. If I remember right, splitscreen is on the Astroneer Road map.
  7. So, no matter what my initial plan is, I always end up with my primary planet being Vesania. And usually end up spending way more time there then intended. How about you?
  8. I think it's this way for all "complex" renders with object specific physics. Rovers, gateways etc all refresh for me when I log in.
  9. Cosmetics would be considered filler, which is good for stretching average playtimes as well as catering to a broader range of play styles. If cosmetics were added and you didn't want them, just don't use them. But lacking content that could bring more players in, and keep them busy longer seems counterintuitive.
  10. Much appreciated, all I have for modeling on my pc is MasterCAM and SolidWorks but those proved a bit too problematic for this purpose.
  11. If I recall properly each platform has a set amount of power pass-through. So having them all on the same platform limits them to a maximum output. I could be wrong but I have 3 smelters on a platform with 4 RTGs and that platform never runs low.
  12. Craft a packager, and package the centrifuge. Then place it back and open it and it will work again.
  13. To the Dev team, love the game and graphic style. Although, while you keep busy in the beginning, the game quickly plateaus. Still 10 out of 10 though. For the purpose of this post, the term outpost will be used to represent ones 'base'. Primary Outline Cosmetic/Decorative items and buildings Ease of play objects Intermediate end goal Game modes Game flow improvements Cosmetic and Decor Walls/Fences: We all love the terrain tool, but for the more aesthetic oriented players it can be quite painful to attempt to create something pleasing.