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  1. Hmm. Very short edit timer, there! Did a bit more checking, and the incomplete resources are not interactable, so can't be removed from the attached storage slotopodes. The only one that was successfully completed and is interactable is the one that's still on the centrifuge, and the others stop being mutated after they're removed. I've attached the save file as well for your perusal should you so wish to do. Edit: Actually, the centrifuge is now in that stuck state I mentioned above, and I can't do anything with it. ;_; SAVE_3$2019.09.21-19.32.11.savegame
  2. So, I just discovered that if you accidentally attach a full canister to the top of one of the 8 doodahs on the centrifuge whilst it's running, it will move that canister to any attached storage slots, but then continue to offload all the in-progress resources as well, which results in the attached image. On a related note, I have a centrifuge on Novus which has a complete resin stack stuck in one of the slots, and the centrifuge is unusable as it won't unload the final resin stack onto any free storage slots.