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    road building drill

    or I had a better idea yet have one that collects and converts soil and rocks and such matter .into. paths so that as the astroneer goes chomping along the ground scooping up soil they are at the same time laying down roads genius!!! then have say a bulk amount of made up tethers on the back somewhere and as your road is laid tethers are placed alongside automatically.WoW!! now that sounds like something pretty neat.hmm
  2. Ruppdee

    The Evolution of Astroneer (Video)

    just found this. amazing how just a little off the wall indie game can take the whole world by storm. great to see much the love and devotion to it has paid off. how much more can you guys pack into Astroneer. (smirk) when the video ended there was a tiny tear in my eye I love this game
  3. Ruppdee

    road building drill

    long overdue.only niggle I see is the gargantuan amount of soil this would need to do what it does. just a suggestion ..I'd be more inclined to research and then have the large printer print a made-for-purpose road maker that hugs the ground laying paths while it clears away trees and rocks
  4. Ruppdee

    Suggestion - Toggle Compass Always On

    thats definitely a fair point.I've always wondered why the compass was so clunky. being bale to toggle on or off would be an advantage especially in vehicles.
  5. Ruppdee

    Buggy Rebalance

    I agree. my entry point for mass transportation of resources is the tractor and three trailers.the buggy I always found to be like trying to drive a bounced around so much and nearly always flipped over from the slightest bump or rock onto its roof which made you get out and flip it and drive on. in a word..annoying.
  6. Ruppdee

    I have an idea for the use of Astronium.

    Interesting. Astronium is only found at the core so that puts Astronium at the apex of the resource tree.must be right?. so..if you can gather enough and then refine it in a certain way it can be used to make something like a planetary resource scanner that can be set for each planet or moon and once switched on directs you towards what you to wish to gather prehaps even giving a rough distance as well.useful wouldnt you say
  7. Ruppdee

    ASTROpack: advanced backpack!

    For me I'd invent the bulk backpack..just to through it out there. You start by upgrading to eight extra storage on the top row for 50,000 research points . then after 50,000 more points or something like you can research the extra eight storage points on the third row.And then finally the culmination an extra two utility points on the corners for a further 50,000.Voila !Now fully loaded with every storage point taken the Astroneer would not be able to move as fast as he/she did before the upgrade but at least now you can carry a great deal more.
  8. I had this happen to me. I ran the gauntlet of what it could be. unreal engine out of visual C+++ out of date .no directx11 out of videocard drivers out of even to the point of my motherboard bios being out of still happened so I did the -nosound prefix and nope still as antivirus .no still happened I then re-installed a fresh copy of windows 10. no I did everything humanely possible to see what was wrong.then it also happened on when I played other games using the unreal engine.Aha !! I shutdown and pulled out my Geforce 1060 and put in an old 9600GT I still had and it worked. of course I had to use some old drivers from 2017 and turn my graphic settings down but it worked playing astroneer and no crashes.Took the faulty card back to where I bought it and they confirmed it is buggered and because its still under warranty I'm covered for either a refund or exchange.hope this helps