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  1. max file size: 7.79MB video size: 22.14MB rover size: 124123535465437467 pounds
  2. rover transport++ ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_28_08 PM_Trim.mp4
  3. rover back again ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_27_40 PM_Trim.mp4
  4. rover + physics = undefined ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_27_16 PM_Trim.mp4
  5. lost rover again ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_26_39 PM_Trim.mp4
  6. got rover back ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_26_22 PM.mp4
  7. heading to rover ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_26_00 PM_Trim.mp4
  8. rover forgot gravity ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_24_43 PM_Trim.mp4
  9. ASTRONEER 9_21_2019 3_22_06 PM.mp4
  10. guys i know how to solve this problem, use exploits to cheat in tons of dynamite and hydrogen and u done gg
  11. i solved the problem but is there any way to fix this if it happens again besides adding more storage and not die thrice finding graphite when it was right under the base for a single packager
  12. oh yeah i forgot to say that i am on jetpack version with windows 10
  13. I don't really think how an advanced farming mechanism would be for the type of player Astroneer is heading towards. I believe it would have a negative response to the update because it would not be a valuable addition and that it was a waste of time for the Astroneer development team as it will impact the games reputation towards it's intended audience, which should be space game players. It would be interesting to add a farming update and would be cool and allow more variation for Astroneer. Such an advanced farming update with a whole new level system would not be necessary, although many of the things you suggested could be good for Astroneer's limited farming experience.
  14. this soil centrifuge glitch is annoying me. I cannot pick up any of the resin and i do not have the graphite to get a packager because i cannot use the soil centrifuge to get it... I have tried many methods i found online, i tried relogging and moving it to a platform that has a completely empty storage and nothing worked. I even tried getting the clay out of the machine by looking inside of it with my cam but still no. I do not know how to fix this glitch please help and here is video evidence. also i tried relogging both to menu and exit the game completely. I had to make video short because of file size sorry if it is not descriptive enough. ASTRONEER 9_19_2019 6_26_02 PM.mp4