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  1. Honestly, I get most of my resources from researching things on exotic and then trading for whatever i want!
  2. Hello Guys! When i Started astroneer I Was super confused about all the planets that Astroneer has so I made a guide for you guys to check out!!
  3. Actually I did research it, But it was on an old bugged game! Its gone for me aswell! But the mechanic works in the game so i added it!
  4. With so many people joining the game, I thought it'll be very helpful to make some guides for you guys ! I just made a Guide on Everything you need to know about power! And a few more ! There many more coming! If there's anything you guys need help with, Tweet me to @CrydenGaming !
  5. Hopefully The Third video should help u guys out!
  6. Yup! Its not easy Connecting it to your base but yea it does!
  7. What if you record it and try making some sense of it? I could help if you share the audio file with me!
  8. Can you carry it? Try putting it your backpack? Or onto a storage thing and see what text it says for that?
  9. I meant Unusual Ah I'm super eager to find some nice Easter eggs!
  10. Yea, there's alot of space parts lying around with the attachable slots. I think there'a part of an Easter egg. Cause the Big Solar Panel can actually be connected!
  11. You have to find it deep inside the caves, AND YES IT DOES!!
  12. Items put on the trading post can be removed immediately after clicking launch. So you could Fill up the post with coal, trade for aluminium and then remove the coal after launching and you get free aluminium!