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  1. I took a look at your specs and can see your Video Drivers are quite out of date, so I definitely suggest you update them: While this may help your crashing problem, Astroneer can lean quite heavily on RAM usage, so it's possible for a save to get too large for your available memory to handle. I hope this helps, but if not feel free to drop me a line at
  2. SES_Marc

    Corrupt save game on Playstation 4

    Important note: The support email to get in touch with me is - I never received this email! That said, this issue should have been fixed in a hotfix last night, so if you're still getting this error code after updating please let me know.
  3. SES_Marc

    Windows version not booting

    Hey Ian, sorry to hear about this! If you'd like you can submit a ticket to me by emailing Please also include your DxDiag so I can take a look at your system!
  4. SES_Marc - PC (Steam) - Terrain glitch at base

    This was part of the update that helped fix the terrain desync issue - if you remove the terrain it shouldn't come back!
  5. There wasn't an achievement for the Apollo lander, just the limited time cosmetics - you don't need to find the lander to get 100 percent achievements, but it's still fun!
  6. SES_Marc

    Game wont Save whatever i do

    Hmm... I don't know if it proves it, but I certainly think that's good enough grounds for an investigation. Thanks for updating us, Prawns!
  7. SES_Marc

    Game wont Save whatever i do

    That is strange for sure - Prawns mentioned to me in his latest message that he used third party software to automatically back up his saves, were you using anything like that? Additionally do you guys have any antivirus software aside from Windows Defender? I'm still doing some research so it'd help me to rule out certain causes.
  8. SES_Marc

    Multiple crashes on Glacio

    Hi Andy, could you please send me a support ticket by emailing Thank you!
  9. SES_Marc

    I can't start the game!!!

    Hi Artur, feel free to submit a ticket by emailing - please include your DxDiag so that I can take a look at your system and see if I spot something strange!
  10. SES_Marc

    Stuck in orbit after launch

    Hi! Sorry for missing this thread - can you please send me your save file at If you could also include your DxDiag that'd be greatly appreciated!
  11. SES_Marc

    The Medium Storage can't be open

    This was changed in the exploration update - now you can hover your cursor over them and hit the interact button to open and close them!
  12. SES_Marc

    suit unlocks got reset

    Cosmetic unlocks are saved on our end, so it's almost impossible for them to vanish in to oblivion. If they do disappear, that's most likely just a miscommunication between Steam/Xbox and our server. Usually restarting the game and double checking you're not in offline mode is the best first step
  13. Hi Dearon, this is a known issue that we're currently looking in to. It seems that if you're a client in a multiplayer game, any items attached to your terrain tool will vanish. Until we fix it, you can just remove any items from your tool before quitting!
  14. SES_Marc

    Error during start of Astroneer

    That sounds like it's an integrated graphics card - unfortunately Astroneer requires a dedicated GPU with at least 1 GB of memory. Unfortunately we can't guarantee a seamless experience
  15. SES_Marc

    1.4.15 - PC - Landing bubbles moved

    Hi Dan, would you mind sending me the save file this happened in? You can email me at