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  1. SES_Marc

    Lunch error on WIN 10 PRO N

    Well your hardware seems fine, I don't quite know what's going on here. You mentioned you added the game to a firewall exception list, have you tried disabling your antivirus all together? I know that in the past anti virus has caused crashes - you shouldn't have to touch Windows Defender though. If that doesn't help, can you perform a clean boot and try to run Astroneer? That'll tell us if it's some software in the background getting in the way:
  2. SES_Marc

    v1.0.3 - Windows 10 Store - No menu when game launches

    This is a typically an issue with the Microsoft store not communicating with Xbox live properly - you can find the solution here:
  3. SES_Marc

    Multiplayer system crash in space

    There's a known issue right now where it seems having seats attached to shuttles can cause crashes for clients - it sounds like this is the same problem. I recommend you remove any seats attached to any shuttles - hopefully this lets your friends join again!
  4. SES_Marc

    Probe glitch

    Hello! You can shoot me an email with your username and which platform you play on, and I'll look into it for you!
  5. SES_Marc

    Multiplayer Bug when user Joins

    This may be related to a bug where having chairs attached to storage seems to be crashing clients - if the host can remove them you should be able to load in again! If not, please feel free to hit me up at
  6. SES_Marc

    Crash in coop-mode

    Believe it or not, this is actually a known issue! We're still looking into it, but hopefully it doesn't cause too trouble in the meantime!
  7. SES_Marc

    Wanderer’s way not unlocking

    Wanderer isn't for a limited time, he's here to stay! You can send me an email at and I'll set this straight for you @Scott Reynolds
  8. SES_Marc

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    If you mean that you can't open your save from Alpha in the latest release, unfortunately Early Access saves are not compatible with 1.0 and beyond
  9. SES_Marc

    PS4 Crash while entering Rover/Ship/Home

    Hi Roberto (and everyone else in this thread), it's good to hear from you again, though I'm sorry this is still causing so much frustration for you. While you should feel more than free to express your opinion on social media, I'd like to address your concerns again. It's true we're a small company, and as such our in-house QA team is also quite small (though very dedicated). This means that while we test as much as we can, we will never be able to match the amount of play time thousands of players have upon release. We've dedicated the better part of 2020 to addressing performance on all platforms, especially console! We've had 1 major update in January that was aimed entirely at optimization, in addition to 2 hot fixes that were specific to console in order to address crash issues that we were able to identify thanks to user-made crash reports. On that note, crash reports are very helpful for us - as you pointed out Sony can't really do much with the crash reports themselves, but they are forwarded to us. In fact, Sony does and has contacted us when they receive more than an average amount of reports so that they can ensure we're made aware of the issue. While I hope we can continue to assure you that we're not ignoring the console versions of the game, the feedback provided to us is always welcome - while looking at reports and analytics can be helpful, it will almost always be better for us to hear about issues directly from players, which we use to help us decide priority when considering our future updates. All in all, please feel free to continue to provide us with your experiences with the game, but I hope that we can assure you of our commitment to improving the game on all platforms!
  10. SES_Marc - Steam - Tether Lights Broken

    This is a known issue that I want to add to the Commonly Report Bugs thread (though I'm waiting for the next update to come out before adding to it) - it seems that there is a sort of hard limit of how many tethers can generate light. I believe the number is around 80 tethers, though it may vary from system to system. We're looking into it though!
  11. Would you mind sending me your save file by emailing it to If Terrain desyncs are back that's something we'd want to look into ASAP! Please try to send the save when you're near the terrain that you noticed come back too!
  12. These are both known issues that are tracked in our common bug reports thread! The double gateways function as normal if you activate both, and that terrain you see is an artifact left over from a bug fix we released a couple updates back - it should not come back if you remove it.
  13. He Rifz, this is one of our most common bug reports, and is tracked in the following thread: The important takeaway though, is that it should have only happened on existing saves from before the creative update, though if you're able to activate both the original and duplicate it should function as a normal gateway (can teleport to it, and it'll drop the barrier around the core)
  14. This is most likely due to the duplicate gateway bug - I'd recommend you head back to the surface and double check the gateway you activated. If there are two you just need to activate the original and the duplicate, it should drop the barrier around the core.
  15. SES_Marc


    Hi! just wanted to let you know we're definitely aware of the low FPS on both consoles, particularly when playing co-op. We've been focusing a lot on putting out new content for most of the summer, but we're switching our priority to performance improvements. We've had some pretty promising results since starting this effort, so you should see better frame rates with our next 2 or 3 updates!