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  1. 4 hours ago, Slipsonic said:

    Honestly, the worklight doesn’t need to be on the augment slot. In what situation would you really need to turn it off? I can just go on the pack because then it still lights up the area around and in front of you. I don’t go out often so instead of using a generator for my PO I use 2 batteries. This is worth it for me because I do a lot of work with mods and hate running out of power with the regular battery. On my slots I have a jet pack and a PO. You don’t need 2 jet packs though, so there’s that. The more passives the better.



    You nailed that description man, I keep my canister, an O2 tank, and my worklight on my Terrain Tool. Then I've got my Jetpacks in my Widget slots, which leaves 8 storage slots that are easy to access. The light works perfectly on my TT, not sure why anyone needs it in Widget slots.

  2. I decided to take my Large Rover(with Large Rover Seat) to a nearby mountain as I needed some malachite. Once I arrived, I hopped out of my rover seat and began searching for the resource. After a few minutes, I turned around to see that the HUD prompt to enter the Large Rover seat was still on my screen. I had right-clicked to begin moving my camera, and I hadn't released it yet, so the game still thought my mouse was on the rover seat. I pressed F without letting go of right-click, and I immediately was sitting in the seat, even though I had been on the other side of the mountain.

    I have just tested this, and it is easy to replicate. I tested it on a Large Rover Seat, a Rover Seat, a Tractor, and a Large Shuttle; They all worked. I do know that this doesn't work with the Shelter, and I haven't tested the Field Shelter. i have included screenshots below.

    While this bug can be somewhat useful to players, and it isn't detrimental to gameplay, I am certain that this isn't intended to happen.20190915080141_1.thumb.jpg.4b9753c2ff08e60056b33a259c3fe79b.jpg20190915080146_1.thumb.jpg.edd748be58412d9999b1e8a7d5a86e55.jpg20190915080159_1.thumb.jpg.4a8d13902621b13013e99f0645d16369.jpg20190915080208_1.thumb.jpg.531f24297a65ba299ce8ccf8f68611b9.jpg

    Happy Bug Fixing!

  3. A late game Tier-1 module made of Nano-Carbon Alloy. Place in widget slot, insert 1 of your desired raw resource, and press the widget key bind. This will consume 5 U of power from the backpack, and send out a pulse that will highlight the desired resource through terrain, up to a set distance. If it needs to be harder to use, it could also consume the inserted resource, but personally I think the power cost and print cost should be sufficient to make it a late-game item.