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  1. Suit/Player upgrades are definitely due. Storage upgrades and faster Backpack printers would be my choice for upgrades, need to make more packagers lol. +1
  2. I like this idea. It would be great to have player upgrades. What if there was a printable building/module that the player can get into and upgrade their backpack? +1 for player upgrades.
  3. I don't even need a solution to my problem now. It's just entertaining to read how y'all play the game.
  4. And the cheesiest part of this, I can put the silos on my shuttle, so now I've got more storage than any sane man could need.
  5. You nailed that description man, I keep my canister, an O2 tank, and my worklight on my Terrain Tool. Then I've got my Jetpacks in my Widget slots, which leaves 8 storage slots that are easy to access. The light works perfectly on my TT, not sure why anyone needs it in Widget slots.
  6. I got a Portable Oxygenator as soon as I could, but whenever I use it it saps so much power that I can't keep it running for more than 10-20ish sec. Any ideas?
  7. I've been trading for ammonium like an idiot, when I could've just taken a rover with a drill and storage into a forest. Now I'm never running outta fuel; I should get some silos.
  8. Forgot to put the version and platform: on Windows 10 PC Steam
  9. That looks absolutely beautiful, and I totally think that it should make it in.
  10. I was actually surprised that this hadn't been suggested frequently enough to make the main post.
  11. I decided to take my Large Rover(with Large Rover Seat) to a nearby mountain as I needed some malachite. Once I arrived, I hopped out of my rover seat and began searching for the resource. After a few minutes, I turned around to see that the HUD prompt to enter the Large Rover seat was still on my screen. I had right-clicked to begin moving my camera, and I hadn't released it yet, so the game still thought my mouse was on the rover seat. I pressed F without letting go of right-click, and I immediately was sitting in the seat, even though I had been on the other side of the mountain. I have just tested this, and it is easy to replicate. I tested it on a Large Rover Seat, a Rover Seat, a Tractor, and a Large Shuttle; They all worked. I do know that this doesn't work with the Shelter, and I haven't tested the Field Shelter. i have included screenshots below. While this bug can be somewhat useful to players, and it isn't detrimental to gameplay, I am certain that this isn't intended to happen. Happy Bug Fixing!
  12. Similar to the effect in other games, where you are tracking something, and it's silhouette is highlighted through walls and other things.
  13. A late game Tier-1 module made of Nano-Carbon Alloy. Place in widget slot, insert 1 of your desired raw resource, and press the widget key bind. This will consume 5 U of power from the backpack, and send out a pulse that will highlight the desired resource through terrain, up to a set distance. If it needs to be harder to use, it could also consume the inserted resource, but personally I think the power cost and print cost should be sufficient to make it a late-game item.