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  1. Yaaaay! I finally awakened Vesania!!!!
  2. @TMarcher74 I understand, and I totally get how that can be irritating. I remade my base yesterday and I noticed what you were talking about, I definitely wish we had Trueflat.
  3. I also haven't really used the "recreational" items because I haven't had anybody to play them with. They aren't exactly fun by yourself.
  4. We really just need new technology branches...and automation. I've been mentally preparing a suggestion for hovertrain systems, so maybe the devs will see and take inspiration from that.
  5. Alright, I get that. What they really need to do is give us the Astroneer equivalent of redstone from Minecraft. Then we could pull HUNDREDS of hours outta that.
  6. Jeez, everyone has a waaaaay more overboard base than I do. It work be a nightmare to make all of that specific colors. Also, the soil I was standing on is a floating island I created to try and do the Airborne rover achievement(It didn't work :(). I do love how you use walls and upside down platforms, though, very innovative. And the 3 shuttles is just cause I can't scrap the damn things. I do love the crafted landing pads though.
  7. What exploits? Do these work on any item?
  8. That was pretty sick to read. +1 amazing job and commitment!
  9. It took me like 2 hours, but I finally reflattened and reorganized my base. jeez that was grueling.
  10. Wow, this is ambitious. I certainly don't plan on doing this anytime soon. Quick tip for the byte thing though, go to Glacio to get your items, bring lots of packagers and ammonium. place a large silo b on your rover, and go nuts.
  11. So what your saying is you want better extending abilities? What I was suggesting is I can have ONE power plant on a planet, then I can have multiple bases anywhere on the planet, no extensions or single power routes. Just BAM, new base anywhere. Plus, with a receiver, you could just carry that and power any gateway with no problems.
  12. WAT? I'm in late game and I use the centrifuge to get all my resin and compound. Wdym you don't like to use them?
  13. True flat? What do you mean? Why not just use Allignment mod with the flatten key?
  14. Hey, I found out how the Jump jet is good, it accelerates you way faster than the hydrazine packs. Plus, it could be good for player-made minigames.
  15. And to answer your question, I colored my base ground light blue.
  16. Why didn't you just try adding terrain with inhibitor and terrain analyzer? That'll color your shelter base easy.
  17. Interesting idea, I'm not sure how farming would fit in this space game, but I do like the idea of a Greenhouse with specialized environments,(maybe to simulate other planets). Buildings with Interiors would be sick too.
  18. +1, these ideas are great. It would also be pretty cool to have longer/infinite versions made outta actual chemicals. The chemistry lab should have some chemical stuff for sure.
  19. I would normally leave byte cost and print materials to the devs, but I suppose I can think of those real quick.... *a short time later* I'd say this stuff: Wireless Power Receiver: 5000 Bytes, Titanium Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy Wireless Power Transmitter: 7500 Bytes, Tungsten Carbide(Cause not enough stuff in this game uses it), Lithium, and Graphite maybe?? Stellar Power Transmitte: 15000 Bytes, Nanocarbon Alloy, Graphene, Lithium, and Astronium??? They should really make a lithium alloy.
  20. This is true as anything. They really do need to work on new mechanics and upgrades.
  21. First/Simplest Item: Tier 2 - Wireless Power Receiver This item would be placed on the ground like a splitter, would have 3 output-only cable plugs, and a control panel(I'll get to how this works in a bit). Next Item: Tier 3 - Wireless Power Transmitter This one goes on the ground as well, and has 4 input-only cable plugs. Control panel here too. Range only encompasses the planet it is on. Final Item: Tier 4 - Stellar Power Transmitter Again, goes on the ground, is larger than the default transmitter, and has 8 input-only cable plugs. Control Panel here as well. Range encompasses entire solar system. Okay, here is how this works: There will be about a dozen power "channels" that the player can transmit on, each on its own wireless power network. The player can set the transmitters and receivers to any of the networks, with transmitters pushing power into the network, at the U/s they are getting, and receivers pulling power from the network, again at the same U/s the transmitters are getting. The control panels will have a network channel selector, and display the U/s being transmitted/received. If this needs to be more of a challenge, there could be a large power cost for transmitting, maybe 5-10 U/s per Receiver on the network. Here's what this means: With a system like this, players can set up a power plant base at one location(or multiple with multiple transmitters) and place multiple receivers at other locations to power their modules. The default transmitter can only send power on one planet, but the larger variant can send to any planet(if a player tries to receive a network that is out of range, than it will alert to player that it is out of range). I could create a massive solar farm on Calidor, have that power a massive battery array, which goes into a Stellar Transmitter. I can then set up receivers on any other planet, set them to the network on Calidor, and power many bases. Final Note: I am open to suggestions on how to tweak this and make it better, and if anyone has a question, please ask!
  22. +1. I am pretty familiar with the current order, and it is fine by me, but other players might find it hard to use.