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  1. I mad another mad dash to scan all the probes.(got lost on Glacio for awhile ) But I finally did em all! It was a pretty cool quest, but I still don't wanna go to Atrox again. Neat suit too! Update: IT DABS WHEN YOU JUMP FOR JOY! WHAT ON EARTH DEVS!?!?!?!
  2. not until they add modding support
  3. Yea, this exact thing happens to me all the time, and I hate it. Once, a zebra ball rolled slightly against a hill and clipped into the cave below!
  4. I coulda sworn that you could take off jet pack canisters, Ill have to take a look at this sometime.
  5. They look like the Acid spewing umbrella things on Atrox.
  6. I made a topic for a resource scanner, I maybe this would be a good way to implement it.
  7. I like Sylva, lots of fun blue colors to work with, plus there's no shortage of resources.
  8. Now THAT was pretty fun to watch. I totally would help out with the other quarter, but I can't play online much; My parents will interrupt at any random time.
  9. Now imma play Elite dangerous until a new update rolls out for astroneer.
  10. +1 Holy cow everything about this is perfect and needs to be added.
  11. I don't know if this is correct, but the wiki said that platforms on a network without arrows don't have throughput limits...but you can have multiple smaller arrays if throughput is the limiting factor.
  12. Yea, typically when you touch or interact with a rover, the game refreshes it. Whenever I load a world, all the rovers have their front and back slots locked until I nudge them.
  13. I'd be happy to help out with the planning and crafting, and the organizing if ya want
  14. I used the Glacio surface color to make some parking spaces for all my vehicles. Can't wait til they add planes or something like that.
  15. I...don't think theres anyway to fix that... good luck though! Also, you can carry winches, just press E or F while clicked on it
  16. I made a desperate dash and awakened the last 4 planets in about 2 and a half hours. WOOOOO! P.S. I hate Atrox sooooo much P.P.S. Why'd it dump me back on Sylva? I had to go get my shuttle back :(.
  17. +1 I like this one, but it would need to power itself infinitely, I would never take it anywhere if it could run out of power. But we should also be able to pick it up, like a tier 2 item.
  18. I recommend having a battery array as well. While it is less useful because you don't rely on temporary power generation, it does increase power output considerably, and unless you are constantly running every module, it'll have plenty of time to charge back up.
  19. Considering this is INFINITE fuel for the jetpacks with minimal effort/resource gathering, I am all for this. +1
  20. @TMarcher74 When you get right close to it, you can see some slightly different areas, because it is damn near impossible to get trueflat. What I did is use the Alignment mod and flatten key, but when I sample the flatten(as in, choose the polygon to copy outward), I use the Shelter base. The alignment mod is needed because otherwise it shoots into the sky, while technically one flat polygon. With the alignment mod, the flatten will bend to fit the "tangent of the planet". I also use my terrain analyzer(sampled from the bottom of sylva mountains) while building so its flat and colored. If anyone would like to take a look for themselves, hmu on steam. My username is Doge229, with a phoenix avatar(diff from the one on this site). Just make sure you tell me you're from the forum, or I'll get confused.
  21. awww, it's not like its an MMO or anything....but ok i guess
  22. I suppose this would nerf RTGs a bit, but if this actually makes it in imma scramble to make a billion RTGs.
  23. Is your base getting expansive enough that your not always connected to oxygen? Do you think tethers will make your nice flat terrain look ugly? Worry no more! For I have the quick tutorial that will solve all your problems!(or at least fix the problems stated above...) Part 1: The Setup You will need: 1 Narrow Mod, 1 Wide Mod, 1 Alignment Mod, 1+ Soil Canister, Tethers(number will vary), and a Terrain Analyzer with the color of your choice(optional, but looks cool.) If you have not already flattened out your base, I recommend doing so using the Alignment Mod and your Flatten key. Part 2: The Digging/Placing Next, move to the platform closest to the area you want to oxygenate. Equip the Narrow Mod and the Alignment Mod, and dig a hole right up against the platform, about 1.5 Astroneers deep. Now, move into the are you wish to oxygenate, and dig another hole the same depth, but make sure it is within tether distance of the first hole. Continue digging holes until the area is sufficiently covered. Then, place a tether in each hole, right side up. Make sure that all of the tethers are connected to each other. If not, redig the holes in locations that will allow them to connect. Part 3: The Cover-up Equip the Wide Mod, the Alignment Mod, and the Terrain Analyzer(if applicable), flatten the holes over. If the holes are deep enough, the terrain you add won't mess up the tethers. Ta-da!!! Smooth Oxygenated Base!