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  1. 1 hour ago, The Touch of Grey Gamer said:

    Oh, I see why. Your playing Astroneer pre-jetpack days!
    Ok my friend, here is another OP thing....

    One jetpack (two jetpacks if you want to fly faster)
    One or two fuel
    One or two oxygen tanks
    One large shuttle
    Astroneer picks up shuttle, presses space bar, presses W key...............
    Up, up and away with my large shuttle and me! Me Astroneer!
    There are so many things one not need when playing this way.....
    I've not placed a tether in quite some time
    Finding resources is easy breezy
    What is a rover? Rovers are so 1969!
    Walking? WTF is walking?
    Mountain tops, valley floors nothing is out of reach

    So much fun!


    Dude, you and I just need to play together sometime. We appear to have RADICALLY different playstyles, and I think we could definitely learn a lot from each other :D.

  2. I like Extenders, and I find them useful for getting power to one of my storage areas, but I don't like having sections of my base becoming isolated in terms of power. I want all of my base to draw from 1 input( a really big one) and distribute it evenly. I propose that we gain the ability to toggle extenders between networked and directional power distribution. In "network mode"(name could be improved :) ) they will allow power to pass freely in both directions, just like platforms do. In directional mode, they would send the power just as they do now, only sending in one direction based on the cable connection. This way, I could actually extend my base, instead of making separate bases/networks everywhere.

  3. I can imagine a few problems porting this to the Switch.(based on my personal experience, I'm not an expert on the game or the switch's capabilities)

    1. Specs: The Switch isn't SUPER-POWERFUL like many computers, and may have a hard time running Astroneer.

    2. Multiplayer: Currently, almost all multiplayer for the Switch requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Very few games and software have online modes without it.

    3. Storage: Many sandbox games can get pretty massive in terms of save data storage, Astroneer isn't too bad about this, but super late-game saves may have issues with this.

    There may be other issues as well. Like I said, I'm not an expert. :)

  4. On 9/6/2019 at 4:02 AM, Flyingcrowbar said:

    Same here. Have you rebound your hotkeys? Also, are you holding the item in your hands, or with your "Tractor beam"? Granted, the items you listed can only be held with the "Tractor beam" but research nuggets, medium storage and a bunch of other items can be held "In hand".

    Tractor beam? I always thought that the Astroneer had telekinesis. :D 

  5. On 9/9/2019 at 5:22 AM, PickleRick said:

    Ok, great game, a few thoughts...

    The terrain alignment tool should maintain level relative to where your cursor is, not where you initially select the terrain. Every time I go forward, the new segment messes up what I leveled behind me. Just takes a lot of micromanagement. If you're 100m from the core, everywhere you level (regardless of where you start) should maintain 100m.

    When I want to flatten things perfectly, I use no mods and press my flatten key while terraforming. But If I want to flatten things along the curve of the planet, I use the allignment mod and my flatten key. This works quite well for me, it's pretty flat, and makes little mistakes.

    Is there a way to hot-swap terrain tools? I use Mod 3 and alignment almost exclusively, but I have munaully exchange them between my backpack and my gun. Am I missing an easier way of doing this? 

    Hold Shift and left-click to quick swap things between your backpack and terrain tool.




  6. Yikes, I almost did this since I wasn't on infinite oxygen when I found it, but I stayed when I didn't get the achievement and kept hearing noises. If you didn't interact with it than maybe it still has the big white light above it, making it easier to find? Did you manipulate the terrain a lot when reaching it?(I made big bridges to avoid the plants) I'm not sure what else you can do to make finding it easier..... I wish you luck though! The suit you get from it looks pretty cool!

  7. Yea, I walked like 10 feet away from my shuttle on my first time on Atrox. It exploded my jetpack fuel, so I wasn't too happy. I have found however, that no plant will attack you aslong as you are in a rover seat. I've found it pretty useful. :)