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  1. No, the game offers in setting only "windowed" and "windowed fullscreen". "Windowed fullscreen" is a simulation of fullscreen (borderless windowed fullscreen). I play all games in real exclusive fullscreen, would be nice if we could have that in Astroneer.
  2. Please, Astroneer needs a real, windowless, fullscreen mode (for the PC version). I hate having the windows toolbar appear every time i go to low with my mouse inside the game.
  3. Dear System Era! I love your game Astroneer and have decided to open this account just to give some suggestions to make your game even better. BTW the thing I like most about Astroneer is the modules that follow a universal module system. How all fits together is a thing of beauty and genius. Suggestions: 1) The Astroneer "Player" has a COMPASS, a basic requirement in a mapless exploration game like Astroneer . Why does a Player lose the compass when he drives a vehicle? Vehicles need a compass, too. To leave the vehicle every time you want to use the compass makes no sense. 2) The RANGE of beacons is way to low. No compass in vehicles + beacons becoming invisible after a short distance makes navigation ridiculously difficult. How do i find my way home if I have no compass and can not see the beacon? Beacons should NEVER become invisible. Let them become a point or small icon on the horizon, but do not let them disappear. 3) Research is limited and slowed down by byte collection. That is ok. You have to collect research items and research them to slowly progress in research, OK. BUT, why slow down research even more by having 5 Minute MINIMUM research wait for medium items? If i collect multiple medium research items, i need to wait more than 5 minutes in front of my Research Chamber for EACH research item to finish, this is way to much, to tedious, NOT FUN, not necessary. I suggest to have a standard research time of max 30 seconds for all types of research items. Larger research items just give more bytes. Research is already slowed by collection of research items and their rarity, no need to slow it even more in a way that ruins the fun. You could make medium research items rarer. 4) We have few planets. Would be nice to have more. Do other Astroneer players support my suggestions? Thank you for your nice game and I hope my suggestions make your wonderful game even better.