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  1. No, the game offers in setting only "windowed" and "windowed fullscreen". "Windowed fullscreen" is a simulation of fullscreen (borderless windowed fullscreen). I play all games in real exclusive fullscreen, would be nice if we could have that in Astroneer.
  2. Please, Astroneer needs a real, windowless, fullscreen mode (for the PC version). I hate having the windows toolbar appear every time i go to low with my mouse inside the game.
  3. Dear System Era! I love your game Astroneer and have decided to open this account just to give some suggestions to make your game even better. BTW the thing I like most about Astroneer is the modules that follow a universal module system. How all fits together is a thing of beauty and genius. Suggestions: 1) The Astroneer "Player" has a COMPASS, a basic requirement in a mapless exploration game like Astroneer . Why does a Player lose the compass when he drives a vehicle? Vehicles need a compass, too. To leave the vehicle every time you want to use the compass makes no sense