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    Disappearing hydrazine

    Steam, Keyboard and mouse. so, I was on Aatrox and I had 3 hydrazine bottles with me (1 empty, 1 half full, 1 full) and I was not able to fly away cause I didn't had any else (they disappeared), so i asked my friend to fly to me and give me 1 hydrazine bottle (he had it on him all the time) but when he died (from a poison plant) he didn't have the hydrazine in his inventory. so far, I have to idea what causes this bug.
  2. 11alekon

    misaligned equipment

    Steam, Keyboard and mouse I believe this bug is done when you can any energy generated equipment on you or your rocket, and you fly around (land on a planet and go someone else, and land there) 4-5 times in 1 game session. could be wrong
  3. 11alekon

    Large battery

    How about this for a idea, a “large battery” is just a place holder for your mid batteries, let’s say that the maximum amount of medium batteries it can hold is 10, but the catch is that it can overpower any station, research, soil centrifuged, etc.. and let’s say the more power you use the faster the stations would go.
  4. 11alekon

    Soil Centrifuge bugging out

    I think I figured it out when there is no more space on the table AND there is a canister on top (could be completely wrong) (p.s. the image is how I found it broken)
  5. For some reason, only Soil Centrifuge is bugging out, no idea how to recreate this bug, sometimes is when I go from my base too far away, sometimes when I log out, sometimes just in front of me. Mouse/Keyboard Steam I usually put 3 containers of dirt into it, 2 to make it full then the next one to make the Soil Centrifuge collect dirt ones again. out of all the building and etc, this is the only one I have problems with (I am quite close at finishing the game)