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  1. Hey @MAJOR WOODS, When you lose momentum, are you losing all momentum (coming to a complete stop) or only a percentage of it when using the drill+paver combo?
  2. Hola luis, Gracias por contactarnos! ¿En qué consola juegas?
  3. Yeah we haven't forgotten about different colored tethers! Nothing official as to when they will come back, but it is still part of our discussions revolving content that we would like to bring back in some shape or form eventually.
  4. We've seen this feedback come up a couple of times already (this or giving the players the ability to cycle through predetermined names like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc). I've added this feedback to a list of community suggestions that come up at a significant rate to have the team determine how feasible adding any of those changes actually is. While we can not commit to implementing new work, we definitely read what our community members post in the hopes of possibly adding it to Astroneer. Thank you so much for posting this suggestion!
  5. Just driving by, please ignore Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad Marc was able to help! I just got set up in the forums, you'll be seeing more of me!
  6. Running speeds have not been altered. What "new tethers" are you referring too, glowsticks? If so, what about them is annoying you?
  7. Every planet has a height ceiling which prevents the player from Jetpacking between planets.
  8. This would cause me to stare up into the stars longer than I already do!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah, I've run into the toolbar appearing when mousing over the lower half of my screen when playing in Windowed Fullscreen, can definitely be annoying. I've added the suggestion to our Game Improvement backlog. I'll work with the team to see if we can get implemented in a future release.