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  1. Thanks for your responses, I thought that the incoming update would be similar to the ones like the "exploration update". I mean, an update that brings in-game content but if dedicated servers are becoming a thing, that's awesome !
  2. It's been a month since astroneer got an update. I just wonder if anyone has news about a release date or content that might come with it. I haven't found anything on it yet. What are your thoughts ?
  3. I agree with A_cardboard_Box on the fact that the game needs more space vehicules. The current ones look like the lunar module, vehicules that are meant to land on a planet but not to travel between planets. So having a kind of mothership that stays in space for example would be great. And you would be able to dock the current shuttles onto this big ship. This ship could be just like the one that we see on the starting screen of the game.
  4. I agree that having an option to turn our helmet lights during daytime would be very convenient. Speaking of lights, it would be great to have a kind of object like the splitter that allows power to go through during limited periods of time (the player would be of course able to set it manually). I would really like to have my lamp posts go off automatically during the day for example.
  5. Hi ! I was talking with other people on steam of new ideas for astroneer and I thought that posting them on the official astroneer forum would give them more visibility. So here they are ! First, like F-orbit and ewanc said on steam, having a greehouse in astroneer would be a great idea. so, why a greenhouse ? We alrealdy have the soil centrifuge to get the most basic ressources like compound and resin but we don't have anything for organic. When you want to create new materials like some alloys you need a lot of carbon. So having a greenhouse would be very convenient. There could be different sizes: A tier 2 greenhouse and a tier 3 greenhouse that would fit perfectly on the extra large platform A. To function properly, it would need power, some soil (and water ???). This new item could lead to the inclusion of a farming mechanic (and even a food mechanic ?!). You could be able to produce different kinds of plants depending on what you want to do. Finally, why not add a kind of laboratory where you could create new plants from the seeds that you gather from destroying the current flora in the game. The tier 2 greenhouse could look like a little "incubator" and the tier 3 greenhouse would be spherical and be inspired by the self-made greenhouse that we can see in the movie"The Martian" . But you could ask, how could we get water ? Like ashes2007 said on the steam, their could be asteroids in the game. Those asteroids could be harvested and then processed to extract water from it. He also suggested a new mechanic in the game : space station building. Go check out our Discussion on steam if you want to know more about it : https://steamcommunity.com/app/361420/discussions/3/1635291505035068146/ Secondly, I would really like to see a new vehicule added to the game. But this vehicle couldn't be driven by anyone. It would be a kind of automated rocket. It would require to establish two landing sites on different planets. This rocket would have a lot of storage and could be sent just like the trade platform. Thus, when you want to gather a lot of ressources from a foreign planet, you wouldn't be as much limited by the storage capacity of the rocket that you came with. Finally, I would really like to have suits inspired by sci-fi movies like "The Martian" or even licensed suits from NASA. Before writing this post, I've taken a look at Astro stuff that the devs posted on google drive and I saw a beautiful exosuit, some living forms and an excavation lifter. Those are really great ideas ! Please implement them in the game, even if the designs seems to be a bit old it looks so good ! PS: Does anyone knows where is the blackhole that we saw in the E3 trailer. It didn't appear so far in any version of the game. Is it a feature that's going to be added or is it lost ?