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  1. I am usually able to get the first save in but after that it will crash either from climbing in something for auto save or save within menu. I had an update last Thursday and after that is when it started. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no change. I have it on the Xbox One X, 2 things I haven't tried yet is installing it on my Xbox One S or starting a new game. I have put a ton of time into this game and unlocked all the gates so I don't want to start over. I also started this game with a friend, both building things together so I'm not sure if that could be any of the reason causing this. I have had my last crash with this game until a fix comes out, just can't get any place with it now.

    Save bug xbox version

    I had a 2.44 GB update Thursday and after that the game will crash when I climb in a seat for the save or save and quit to main menu. Same kind of issues as the other here, something to do with the saving. Never an issue until after this update.