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  1. After thinking about it, Emerald really does have a point. It would take a lot of time to implement and would have a lot of new features that would need to be created from scratch.
  2. What if there was a possibly to perform an EVA while in orbit? EVA is extra vehicular activity and it basically means leaving your space craft while in orbit of a planet. I think that this would be very cool as you could use small thrusters on your backpack to manoeuvre and fly around. Another cool idea would be that there could be asteroid belts that you could visit to mine exclusive ores on or construct bases. I honestly think this at least a decent idea that would be quite interesting if it were to be implemented.
  3. possibly but I still think it would be cool if they could add in some more space vehicles.
  4. I think that this game could use a few more space vehicles for travelling to other worlds. One idea I had that I thought would be really cool is maybe 'Star Wars' style space ships (take away the weapons though) that can be manually controlled. Another idea that would be pretty cool would be space stations that you could use to gain bytes or something.