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  1. Bomoo

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    I think the monorail concept is closer to something I could see them using the The Future(tm). Another application could be as a mining support cargo hauler.
  2. That's correct! The medium and large spacecraft should allow you to carry pals along if you stick seats in their main cargo compartment. Even the small does if you stick a rover seat in the oxygenator compartment, and bring the oxygenator with you in a box.
  3. Bomoo

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    I mean, you do have the medium storage. That's literally the baby version of the large storage.
  4. Bomoo

    Base Locator?

    Yep, leave a breadcrumb trail of beacons behind you and follow them back.
  5. Bomoo

    Giant spaceship + Spacestations

    That's more major expansion territory, I reckon, and possibly something they're already considering for the future. That's not to say I wouldn't love to have an orbital/zero-g layer of gameplay. It doesn't have to be a KSP knockoff either - you don't have to super faithfully represent orbital mechancis in order to have more meaty spaceflight in Astroneer.
  6. Bomoo

    Small RTG / Portable RTG

    Yeah this feels like a cheat more than something that's needed, to be perfectly honest.
  7. Good idea! Subnautica has these, and they're a great prop for base building. In Astro in particular, I could see how they could be very useful for exploration in addition to being a nifty decoration. I'd also like to add the suggestion that they consume a tiny amount of electric power while running. So if you want to set up a dig site with floodlights, well, come prepared with a power source for them. Bring a pack of extenders along with your three floodlights. Maybe a splitter too, and hook the whole shebang up to your rover for juice.
  8. Bomoo


    Yeah this isn't exactly gripping argumentation.
  9. Being able to move platforms with attachments on them feels... what's the phrase I'm looking for, completely broken?Very straightforward suggestion: make platforms with ANYTHING slotted into them immovable by player characters. Large storage with a single medium storage slotted into it? Nope, can't move it. It's locked in place wherever it might be. Large platform with a crafting station on it? Nope, can't move it, locked in place. Clear the large storage or platform first before you want to move it.There was a time when being able to move platforms with a permanently attached thinger on them made sense, but I would strongly argue that's no longer the case, mainly because you can freely detach said thinger. Sometimes this can be a bit of an annoyance, when you misclick and grab an entire large storage instead of one medium storage rack off of it.As a desirable side effect, you're also nerfing the cheesy strategy of sticking four medium storage onto a large platform B and carrying that into caves. Ugh I'm sorry for this formatting. I pasted this over from Steam and it's putting this obnoxious background on it. If a moderator or somebody knows how to get rid of this, please be my guest. This is awful.
  10. Bomoo

    Timer Based Auto-Save

    Yes, this would be great. Often I forget the precaution of saving every time I'm in camp, and it'd be nice not to lose all that progress because of a bug.
  11. Bomoo

    VR support and First person.

    How does diugetic UI work in first person? Are you strapping your backpack to your wrist?
  12. Bomoo

    Old Medium Storage

    This 5 minute editing limit is killing me. A brief further note on the dark grey in the large storage. It's like the artist wasn't looking at the overall effect on the piece it's attached to, as a whole. A large storage without the dark grey would create the following effect: Underside of rover, black tires and darker machinery. Upper half of rover, pristine matte white with pastel blues and an occasional hint of black or red for accents. Pleasing to look at, very clean, very tasteful, very visually effective. The effect the dark grey large storage creates is considerably muddier. Okay so there's darks at the bottom. And then at the top as well. Huh, confusing. Where's my eye being drawn here? In general I feel like the artist heavily overuses dark grey as a palette choice for equipment that would be best left matte white. If that's visually boring, as I fully admit the old large storage was, introduce some subtle accents or points of interest, as the old medium storage did. A clean black line, for instance, or some other sharp detailing like that. Bucket filling a part of the model dark grey is not a great alternative, and spoils the visual effect.
  13. Bomoo

    Old Medium Storage

    P.S. A small gripe about the colour palette on the new large storage. While I feel the remodel of it has been a great success for the most part, the large dark grey areas of it strike me as not quite right. I would've loved to see those turned matte white. There's just too much dark on them for them to feel like they belong in the Astroneer aesthetic where matte white predominates, and other colours are present as accents or flair, or points to draw the eye. The dark grey section of the large storage, I think, works against that, and the effect is not pleasing. So yes, I feel that while the 3D remodel itself went well, the colour choices, while mostly solid, are flawed.
  14. I've posted about this on the Steam forums, but under the assumption you don't really read thos eanymore, or they're subject to gatekeeping by moderators who may or may not decide to pass on any given posting to you, I'd like to write about it here as well, with considerably better formatting and less snark. So I'm not a huge fan of the remodel to the medium storage. I've felt that, like the wind turbine and solar generator and many of, I assume, Paul's works from the game's earlier days, it's stood the test of time and shift in equipment aesthetic very well, and fit right in with what I assume are Spencer's new platforms and vehicles. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it had been replaced by something, I feel, much uglier and crude looking, the new 1.0 medium storage. Objection 1 - Too Many Colours The old medium storage had a very tight colour palette of matte white, red/orange, and a splash of black for the ubiquitous sockets. Very subtly tasteful, very unobtrusive, it did not draw the eye too much. The new one, however, can't claim the same distinction. It has, let's count em, blue, white, yellow, red, black, dark grey on it. There are simply too many colours, Herr Mozart, for a piece of equipment that is essentially a background prop or, if you like, a supporting character. It makes sense for platforms and vehicles to be so busy - they're centrepieces and it's natural for them to be intended to draw the eye. But what the same broader colour palette on medium storage does is dilute that visual draw on the platforms and vehicles while simultaneously making the storage itself tiring to look at, and muddies the overall effect of a larger piece fitted with all of these things at once. Objection 2 - Uncanny Proportions Even though it might be the same size, though I wonder about that, the spacings between the sockets are such that it feels like it's way too big for carrying nuggets. There is so much dead space between the socketed nuggets that it feels larger - too large. Another aspect of this is that when folded out flat, it disrupts the even spacings between the nuggets on the two panels. You can clearly notice a compaction of the distance between them in the joint between the panels in the middle, whereas the old storage had them all evenly spaced out both when folded up or folded flat. vs. Just look at that beautiful even spacing. The Request If you could please make the old medium storage available in-game, that'd be wonderful. I'm not necessarily asking you to replace the new asset, but to either provide it as an alternative craftable, perhaps Medium Storage A and Medium Storage B, for those like myself who'd like to keep it around, or as a non-default option somewhere to toggle between the new and old assets.
  15. Bomoo


    Bah, couldn't edit my post with this addition, so I have to make it a separate one. But let us consider the accessibility of these four parameters when put up against younger players or survival novices. You begin on the terran planet, and really all you need to worry about at first is oxygen and vitality. So a tutorial guides you through obtaining resources to restore your vitality, though it provides you with some Exo Dynamics NutriBlocks or something like that, to keep you from dying of hunger if you're not quick enough. In terms of in-game presentation, maybe they could be portrayed like extenders, in stacks of five. Standard issue interstellar exploration MRE survival packs or something along those lines. Anyway, you learn to deal with those two first of all. Oxygen isn't a big deal and is perfectly intuitive, and is soon picked up. Vitality, however, takes a bit more geting the hang of and is slightly more demanding in being kept under control. Then once the player starts getting into the fancier equipment toward the middle or upper half of the tech tree, you start introducing waste heat, though the terran planet's atmosphere is such that waste heat isn't a huge issue yet - a perfect opportunity to introduce players to it. Then once the player graduates to building a spacecraft, you introduce them to the concept of cosmic rays. Okay, so you're ready to go off-planet for the first time. Be aware that cosmic rays are a thing, and dangerous, and you shouldn't expose yourself to them for too long. Venturing out from their spacecraft upon arrival, they very soon see what the tutorial means, and gathering enough resources to fill their backpack and ready to head back to the terran planet gives them a good taste of the idea.