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  1. Bomoo

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    @SES_joe Would've been wonderful if you'd also taken the time to communicate this information to Steam users via news update or at the very least a stickied forum post.
  2. Bomoo

    Mega Zebra Ball

    Why? I never understood this memeball stuff, to be honest.
  3. Bomoo

    Power connector for Shuttle.

    I suppose they want to incentivize building bases rather than carting a mobile base around inside your shuttle cargo hold. And I gotta say I agree with that decision. Even when you could build platforms off of your shuttle, I'd always build separate bases a short distance from the landing spot. In the end, it really isn't a huge investment in resources or planning to bring a few packaged platforms or resin nuggets along with you and build a small base on site.
  4. They were exploring ideas of a extra large/huge sized rover a while back, but I would strongly argue that hovercraft technology doesn't belong in this game. Space stations, absolutely, but that's somewhat out of scope for the current game. If there ever is such a thing as an expansion that adds orbital and zero-g gameplay, absolutely.
  5. Bomoo

    1.0.7 - Rover Movement/Handling

    Still an issue as of 1.0.13.
  6. A better camera position when driving would be preferable to first person.
  7. Bomoo

    1.0.9 - RTG Can Now Be Shredded

    "Fixing" a benign and even beneficial non-issue makes the game worse, is my point. I know perfectly well what's in the patch notes.
  8. The feature wherein removing and replacing an RTG on a shredder platform/vehicle without accidentally shredding it appears to be non-functional as of 1.0.9. If this is intentional, again, I have to wonder if whoever is making these "fixes" has ever actually played the game. "Boy, I have too many RTGs, I guess I have to scrap some." is not a problem anyone playing this game has. However, "$%#%!!! I accidentally shredded my expensive and very valuable RTG" IS very much a problem people playing this game have. A real solution, if this feature is indeed perceived as a "bug," would be to introduce the option to turn the shredder on/off before socketing things onto its platform.
  9. So getting to the mantle solo is fine, but getting to the mantle in co-op still doesn't work? Yikes.
  10. Bomoo

    1.0.7 - Rover Movement/Handling

    Still hasn't been addressed as of 1.0.9. If this jankiness and reversal of all the gains to vehicle handling made since the rover update is intentional, it's going to be the final nail in the coffin, finally eradicating every aspect of Astro that made it enjoyable for me to interact with. I used to love this game, but since the beginning of the so-called "v1.0" beta, you seem to be trying your hardest to make me reconsider that position.
  11. Bomoo

    Portable RTG

    Oh did they? I might be confusing it with the power generation from the small solar/wind in my active slots.
  12. Bomoo

    Exploration is weak.

    Well yeah, those are out of your control. I'm just saying I personally always play as if it's my only life, so no abusing the lack of a severe death penalty for quick teleports. If I get lost, I'll try to find my way back as opposed to suiciding back to base. If I do happen to die to something, however, I don't delete my save or anything. My point is you don't need a death penalty to set rules for how you want to play, and that you may find playing without cheesing the respawn system more satisfying.
  13. Bomoo

    Large Storage with battery included

    Well yes, it's not meant to be driven as is with just a seat on it. You have to anticipate its power draw and build it up accordingly. The rovers are already upgradeable. The medum and large one, anyway. Even the buggy to some extent. Just like your backpack, you stick a battery on it to increase its battery capacity. You stick a power generator on it to improve its power generation. I think that's one of the core concepts of the design of equipment in this game - generic multi-purpose pieces with a common socket system that you can combine in creative ways. I've personally never heard of the cheap battery exploit, but considering that the internet finds ways to break every game design, I believe it. But I'd argue those are cheesy min/maxer edge cases, and it would spoil the experience for everyone else if the game were to be balanced around them. To use another game as an example of a game design being ruined and taken in strange, uncomfortable directions from being balanced around cheesy exploits used by minmaxers, darkest dungeon.
  14. Bomoo

    Extra Large Storage

    Yeah it seems like cheesing power generation with small wind/solar spam, or doing something silly like sticking a bunch of worklights on it are the only uses. For actual storage, the plain large storage wins out every time.
  15. Bomoo

    Exploration is weak.

    Way too gamey, I think, as is intentionally jumping to your death to teleport back to base. What would've been a much more interesting and immersive game experience, I think, is playing as if permadeath was active and you couldn't cheese the lack of a death penalty to get around.