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  1. Isn't thsi part of forum for suggestions? I know how to get rid of these. BTW dig hole and throw it into is far better solution, tha make 100 pieces of dynamite and blow it one by one.
  2. Add, please, ability to shred Tractor, Trailer, Medium Rover and Buggy.
  3. Title explain it well. I'm having plenty base building parts as "Medium Platform A" etc. I wish these could be scraped as well. If theese fit according of tier of shreder then shred it up! As I leveled up my base desing I have a lot of mess around around my bases. Yes I can dig hole and throw items in it and I do it, but clean way should be just put into shredder and get rid off of these.
  4. Thank you, I created new screenshots and did more research. Mail send to that e-mail.
  5. Finally, I moved up to 1 050 000 bytes and old items show in pictures again doesn't make my bytes to count. I found one item which make it move again, tahat item has 236 B/min. So my conslusion at least one research chamber must have item making enough B/min to start bytes to be counted and then all other research chambers could have any research item with smaller B/min. Around 1milion of bytes gate was around 120 B/min now is above 200 B/min I guess. So soon I will not find any item to make it works. let's see because I have tons of research items laying around.
  6. Here is example of single bar research item what not giving bytes if put into chamber alone.
  7. Most research items giving big bytes count (found in research pods) having only single bar (constant B/min). If I do have only these in research chambers, then bytes counter doesn't cout. Only saving game adds small amount of bytes each save. When there is at least one chamber reserching multibar and is behind 1st bar then all chambers giving bytes including these with just single bar items. In moment when multibar research is done, bytes stops increasing again.
  8. Ignore previous comment. I found what's goin on. It depend on sample put in research chamber. When sample has only single bar bytes aren't addčed, but when at least one sample has at lest two bars (two different research speeds B/min), then when second bar time is hit bytes starts counting. See two attached pictures.
  9. I found interesting workaround. I entered rover seat couple of times and after couple of enters/leaves. I put another item into reasearch chamber and counter stared to count as usual. Counter did stop again when one chamber of three running went end of research cycle. Then I enter and leave seat and put new item into research chamber and it started to count again.
  10. Summary: Research chamber stops providing bytes Description: After certain amount of accumulated bytes, with all blueprints unlocked, sudenly any research in chamber doesn't provide new bytes. When I hit bytes accumulated around 999000, even my research catalog shows rate > 0 B/m no new bytes are added to counter. It ads only few bytes when game going to be saved by entering rover/shuttle seat. When I leave game and load saved then for couple of seconds after load it works and stops again. It is not a bug related to research station because, these works and show time and amount of bytes from research. I doubt all my 20 research chambers are broken. One time reserch on object, when I do use action key 'F', adds bytes corectly. I know it is not game breaking, because there is no use for extra bytes when i do have all unlocked, but still this should work. Actually single byte is added as well when research station stop researching item. See pictures. Platform: PC Version: Steam